The 2008 New World International Netball series set for TV One

12 09 2008

ONE Sport will have exclusively LIVE coverage of the Silver Ferns playing arch-rivals Australia, in the second game of The 2008 New World International Netball Series, from the Vector Arena in Auckland. Host Toni Street will be joined by commentators Julie Coney, Jenny-May Coffin and Kiri Wills.

broadcast Saturday 20 September, starting 7:30 on TV One


Join up as contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

18 07 2008

The first New Zealand version of the globally popular quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is coming soon to TV ONE.

TVNZ is calling for contestants from around New Zealand to be on the show.
Those selected will be flown to the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? studios in Melbourne where the series will be recorded in front of a Kiwi audience and fronted by a New Zealand host (yet to be announced).

“TVNZ is thrilled and proud to bring Kiwi viewers the first New Zealand version of this phenomenally popular show,” says Andrew Shaw, TVNZ General Manager of Commissioning, Production & Acquisition.

“The opportunity to share the studio, set, lighting, computer system and production expertise of Channel 9 makes this New Zealand version possible,” says Shaw.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is the multi-award winning quiz format created by 2waytraffic. The show launched in the UK where it quickly became a ratings phenomenon. Since then the format has been licensed or optioned to every major territory in the world.

The format has unparalleled play-a-long-at-home appeal, with viewers either on the edge of their seats or with their head in their hands, hanging on to the contestant’s every answer.

To apply, go to and take the test.

The Tatooist feature film secures US deal

1 11 2007

The tattooist
The Tatooist

Ghost House Pictures has acquired North American rights to The Tattooist, the supernatural thriller starring Jason Behr.

Ghost House Pictures is owned by Robert Tapert and Spiderman’s Sam Raimi, who recently visited NZ to talk with the film’s director Peter Burger and producer Robin Scholes about the final cut and to help guide the final stages of post production Ghost House Picture’s Robert Tapert states, “We started our careers independently producing our horror films and understand the challenges of these filmmakers.”

Robin Scholes says, “Ghost House was very enthusiastic about the film. I think we’ve very lucky to have them managing the US release. They are specialists in horror and thriller films and know exactly how to market and place them in the US market”.

Ghost House Pictures’ recent US releases include box office hits Boogeyman and The Grudge. Like those movies, The Tattooist will be released in North America via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

The North American deal was negotiated by NZ Film, the sales arm of the New Zealand Film Commission.

The first market screenings of the film are at AFM this week.

The Tattooist is a supernatural thriller top-lined by Jason Behr (D-War; Skinwalkers; The Grudge) and Mia Blake (No 2). It also features David Fane, Robbie Magasiva, Caroline Cheong, Nathaniel Lees and Michael Hurst.

The story centres on Samoan spiritual beliefs and was shot on locations in New Zealand and Singapore. American tattoo artist Jake Sawyer (Jason Behr) wanders the world, exploring and exploiting ethnic themes in his tattoo designs. In a thoughtless act he unwittingly unleashes a powerful and angry spirit. In a devastating journey into Pacific mysticism, Jake must find a way to save his new love, Sina (Mia Blake) and recover his own soul.

The Tattooist is an official New Zealand/Singapore co-production between Eyeworks Touchdown and MediaCorp Raintree Pictures.

The film was executive produced by Julie Christie, Daniel Yun, James Dean and Paul Davis. Screenwriters are Matthew Grainger & Jonathan King (Black Sheep) based on an idea by Vela Manusaute. Co-producers are Ng San San and Chan Pui Yin.

International sales are being handled by NZ Film.

Netball full coverage on TV One

19 10 2007

TV ONE will be the home of the Silver Ferns this November, with full coverage of all New Zealand games, as the Kiwi team compete to win back-to-back Netball World Championship titles.

All Silver Ferns matches will be broadcast free-to-air on TV ONE. For those unable to watch the action live, games broadcast on TV ONE will be available at, and via broadband at, 90 minutes after the television broadcast ends.

The competition begins on November 10 at Auckland’s Waitakere Stadium. Over an intense eight-day period, teams from 16 countries will vie for Netball’s ultimate title. The Silver Ferns enter the tournament as top seed and Commonwealth games gold medallists, and have the home advantage: the World Championships were relocated to New Zealand earlier this year as a result of the military coup in Fiji. They will face stiff competition from trans-Tasman rivals Australia, England, Jamaica and South Africa.

ONE Sport’s coverage is hosted by Lavina Good, with top New Zealand sports broadcasters Julie Coney and Brendan Telfer heading a commentary team that includes Dean McLachlan, former Silver Ferns Jenny-May Coffin and Joan Hodson, and Australian netball legend Anne Sargeant.

Julie Coney has been a commentator for three Netball World Championships, and was part of the winning Silver Ferns side in 1987. She is looking forward to seeing the Kiwi team defend their World Championship title on home soil, but warns that the competition will be tough.

“New Zealand and Australia are always the teams to watch, but England will be in with a real chance this year and Jamaica has been known to upset  it’s very dependent upon the team personnel that they bring.”

Brendan Telfer agrees. “Australia and New Zealand are clear favourites but I suspect both Jamaica and England will be more competitive in 2007 than they have been at any previous World Champs in the past 25 years.”

Anne Sargeant will bring an Australian perspective to ONE Sport’s coverage. She is hoping for a trans-Tasman final, but says there is plenty to look forward to throughout the tournament on TV ONE.

“ONE Sport’s coverage is the envy of the international netball world – live, edgy, and fresh, with knowledgeable, respected and communicative commentators, who enjoy a good rapport with each other and their audience.”

The championships will be decided over a round robin in each section with the top two teams from each section progressing to quarter-finals, semi-finals and final.

The sections for the 12th World Netball Championships are:

Group A: New Zealand, Wales, Malawi, Botswana
Group B: Australia, Trinidad & Tobago, Samoa, Scotland
Group C: Jamaica, Fiji, Singapore, Cook Islands
Group D: England, South Africa, Barbados, Malaysia.

The Netball World Championships are the culmination of a big year of Netball on TV ONE. ONE Sport’s netball coverage in 2007 also includes The National Bank Cup and all the Silver Ferns’ international tests.

Perfect Creature Sci-Fi Thriller Feature Film in Cinemas

17 10 2007

Dougray Scott as Silus Perfect Creature
Dougray Scott as Silus Perfect Creature

A New World opened when history took a different path in Nuovo Zealandia …..

Home-grown sci-fi thriller PERFECT CREATURE, has sold to virtually every territory in the world and presents a unique retelling of the vampire myth. New Zealand writer/director Glenn Standring takes the origins of vampires and brings it into a unique setting presenting them as ‘superior’ beings living harmoniously with humans – until a dissenter tries to break this down and begins behaving like a vampire of legend.

PERFECT CREATURE exists in an alternate world, set in Nuovo Zealandia circa 1960 – New Zealand – but not as we know it.

The story begins 300 years ago when genetic science was discovered by alchemists eventually leading to the rise of these vampires. Initially they were bounty to be killed, but in time they became indispensable and revered for their mission is to now protect human life from viral and DNA mutations. Now known as The Brotherhood they are no longer mankind’s nemesis but the keepers of science and spirituality.

This delicate balance is about to be destroyed when a Brother, Edgar (Leo Gregory) ‘turns’. Edgar is driven by a secret he wants to divulge to the world and turns into a vampire of legend who preys on humans. A highly respected Brother, Silus (Dougray Scott), is engaged to solve the problem and joins forces with a human police detective, Lilly (Saffron Burrows), to contain the damage and stop the reign of terror.

What the Critics have said ….

“It’s the most unique vampire film I’ve ever seen, a cross between Alan Moore, Bram Stoker and Charles Dickens.” Tony Timpone, Editor in Chief, Fangoria Magazine

“The amount of detail that has been put in the design of this world is amazing , 8/10 .” Twitch, Peter Cornellisen

**** (4 Stars) “Mood to burn – a skip load of ideas. A Sci Fi vampire thriller from NZ. Go see it.” Mark Broatch, Sunday Star Times

“Perfect Creature showcases the vast imagination and ingenuity at work in (New Zealand’s) film industry with a very original twist on the vampire movie. Part horror film, part sci-fi epic and part cop thriller, it’s a genre junkie’s wet scream. Rounded out with spectacular fight scenes, reminiscent of The Matrix, and eye-candy galore for dark fantasy lovers (think of Blade Runner and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, in terms of production design), Perfect Creature packs a helluva lot into its 90 minutes running time. Standring proves that Peter Jackson isn’t the only filmmaker in his country capable of bringing to life big, detailed worlds –- and even bigger tales to fill them.” Dave Alexander, Fantasia

PERFECT CREATURE is the second feature for writer/director Glenn Standring whose debut, The Irrefutable Truth about Demons, became one of New Zealand’s most successful film exports. PERFECT CREATURE stars Dougray Scott (Desperate Housewives, Mission Impossible 2, Enigma); Saffron Burrows (Troy, Enigma, Frida); Leo Gregory (Tristan and Isolde); Stuart Wilson (The Mask of Zorro) and Scott Wills (Stickmen).

Standring teams up with BAFTA award-winning producer Tim Sanders (The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring, Whale Rider), Roc Media’s Russel Fischer and Haneet Vaswani (Bend It Like Beckham) and Spice Factory’s Michael Cowan and Jason Piette (The Merchant Of Venice, Bridge Over San Luis Rey, Plots With A View).

The production team includes some of New Zealand’s leading technical and creative talent: Director of photography Leon Narbey (Whale Rider; No. 2); production designer Phil Ivey (The Lord of the Rings; In My Father’s Den), costume designer Kirsty Cameron (Whale Rider; In My Father’s Den), editor Christopher Blunden (High Heels, Low Lives; Blackball) and Academy Award-winning composer Anne Dudley (Full Monty; Crying Game; Pushing Tin.) .

The film was funded by the New Zealand Film Production Fund, the New Zealand Film Commission, Movision, Roc Media and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

PERFECT CREATURE in Cinemas Everywhere from Thursday October 18 from Magna Pacific

TVNZ partners with Bebo website

16 10 2007

Bebo website

TVNZ and Bebo have announced an exclusive strategic partnership which offers advertisers access to a combined audience of 1.5 million New Zealanders; and Bebo users access to TVNZ premium content.

Bebo has chosen TVNZ as its exclusive partner for selling display and video advertising in New Zealand, combining Bebo’s global reputation and TVNZ’s local strengths in content delivery. The deal provides advertisers with substantially improved interactive marketing opportunities through a ‘one stop shop’ – accessing mass users through social networking site Bebo, reaching targeted audiences through and using in-stream video advertising on TVNZ ondemand.

TVNZ GM Digital & Interactive Sales, Mark Copplestone, says Bebo provides a mine of information about users’ behaviours and preferences.

“We’ve now got three platforms: a mass market, a targeted, and a video platform which enable advertisers to do one deal with TVNZ and reach the majority of New Zealanders online. The specific information that Bebo,, and TVNZ ondemand provide ensures that every single ad that we serve is targeted individually to a consumer.”

Bebo has the largest number of page views of any website in New Zealand and has more than doubled its online audience in the past year. It also holds the top position in the New Zealand social networking market and ranks as the most engaging website with users spending an average of 43.6 minutes per day on the site – more than any other website.*

Bebo’s General Manager Australia and NZ, Francisco Cordero, says the partnership with TVNZ is an important development in extending/cementing Bebo’s presence in New Zealand.

“Bebo is the number 1 social network in New Zealand. It has also become the online destination for the elusive 13-24 year-old demographic. This partnership enables advertisers to connect with their audience in a place where they interact with friends and consume media and entertainment. It also delivers premium content to Bebo’s users including TVNZ’s news, current affairs and entertainment whilst allowing us to benefit from TVNZ’s scale, experienced sales force, advertiser relationships and industry leading technology capabilities.”

Advertisers should talk to their TVNZ sales representative for detailed information about the host of interactive opportunities arising from the TVNZ-Bebo partnership.

*Source: comScore World Metrix

New Zealand Environmental TV Programme set to launch

4 10 2007

Maori Television’s inside look at environmental issues from a uniquely Maori perspective – KAITIAKI – premieres on Saturday December 15 at 7.00 PM.

The half-hour weekly programme produced by Auckland-based Kiwa Media highlights the ways in which whanau, hapu and iwi are working as active kaitiaki (guardians) of the environment. Each episode looks at a single environmental issue in depth and begins to explore the causes of the problem. Inevitably, it’s never simple and there’s never an easy solution but KAITIAKI looks to the community for sustainable answers.

Producer Chelsea Winstanley says making the series has been more a labour of love than work. “When you care about the environment, then exposing problems and looking for solutions is a wonderful day’s work,” she says.

In the first episode of KAITIAKI (Saturday December 15 at 7.00 PM), the programme looks at an important part of New Zealand history: the battle for the return of the Raglan golf course to Maori. But in some ways, it was a hollow victory as sewage continues to be pumped into the sea near Te Kopua – with the outfall just metres from a kohanga reo.

The second episode of KAITIAKI (Saturday December 22 at 7.00 PM) sees a dream come true for Ngati Koroki Kahukura as they participate in the re-introduction of long lost species such as kiwi and takahe to Maungatautari in the Waikato. Inside a 47 kilometre pest proof fence, the miracle of rebirth takes place with ancient plants, animals and bird species regenerating, free from introduced predators.

Then, in the first of two episodes (Saturday December 29 at 7.00 PM), KAITIAKI investigates the legacy of the now defunct Whakatane sawmill and the use of toxic chemicals in timber treatment. Although the mill closed in 1988, the battle by workers to have their work related health concerns diagnosed and recognised continues. The show looks at the land in the Eastern Bay of Plenty where dioxin-laced mill waste was dumped as landfill including marae and waahi tapu.

Join Maori Television for a unique environmental series from a distinctly Maori perspective when KAITIAKI premieres on Saturday December 15 at 7.00 PM.