Transvestite Wives to feature on 20/20 Special Edition

18 07 2008

20/20 Special Edition:Transvestite Wives
Thursday 31 July 9.30pm on TV2

Transvestite Wives looks at three transvestite relationships as seen through the eyes of their wives and partners. In the Scottish Highlands, Sheila discovered seven years into her marriage that her husband Dennis was a transvestite. In Newark, 20-year-old Sam, is embracing her 40-year-old partner Chris’ tranny lifestyle; and in Barnsley, Robyn, who has struggled to be accepted because of her weight, at last finds happiness with her cross-dresser husband Dean.

Voted Best Current Affairs Programme – TV Guide Best on the Box People’s Choice Awards.


Sports Cafe is back for more

8 07 2008

Sportscafe returns to TV2 with its own unique combination of ad lib comment, special guests and general mayhem, which occasionally manages to contain some sporting insight.

Hosted by Ric Salizzo, Marc Ellis, Lana Coc-Kroft, Eric Rush and Graeme Hill, it’s hard to describe what is going to happen on the show because they usually don’t know themselves. Somehow it seems to work despite its best efforts not to.

“All I can say is that the team has gone through a long reconditioning process and the rotation has worked well for us”, explains Salizzo.

“We’re excited everyone will be back, but we never really know who will show up on the night. Negotiations are continuing with ‘That Guy’s agent, Eva is busy with University studies and will pop in when she can, and Marc says he will be there, but you can never really trust him.”

Coming to viewers LIVE from Eden Park, the series format will be familiar to viewers.

“We generally start planning on Wednesday morning before the show – and then Marc comes in and changes it all. We aren’t going to be shifting much from what we did in the past, but there will be some great new stuff as well.”

With the Olympics on the horizon, Sportscafe promises to keep TV2 viewers informed on all the sporting action. “We are excited about the prospect of the Olympics and trying to convince ‘That Guy’ that he should go to China – we’re just in the process of finding out where it is.”

Sensing Murder returns to screens

8 07 2008

Sensing Murder Series 3

Sensing Murder Series 3

Sensing Murder’s psychic sleuths return to investigate unsolved murder cases, missing person enquiries, and unexplained deaths, in a new series tonight on TV2.

Presented by Rebecca Gibney, the 90-minute episodes follow the team of gifted psychics – Australian Deb Webber and Kiwi’s Kelvin Cruickshank and Sue Nicholson – as they attempt to uncover new leads in more of New Zealand’s most intriguing unsolved cases.

“Sensing Murder takes viewers into the unknown, gives an insight into what may have happened; and enables cold cases to be revisited by the authorities,” says producer David Baldock.

Thrilled the series prompts renewed interest in unsolved murders, he says although the psychics are generating new insights, the responsibility of solving these cold cases rests with police.

“We understand that the police have to balance historic investigations with their current enquiries and that these enquiries will take time to progress. We just have to be patient.”

Baldock believes the new episodes go even further than in previous series, with some very baffling cases.

In tonights show; Nineteen-year-old Blake Stott died in a mysterious car fire. Uncomfortable with the coroner’s findings and desperate for answers, Blake’s family hope the psychics can help.

For more information go to the Producers – Ninox Television’s website for Sensing Murder

SCU: Serious Crash Unit returns to TV2 for fourth season

8 07 2008

SCU: Serious Crash Unit makes a welcome return to TV2 for a fourth season. The top rating documentary series again gives viewers a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of a real police investigation.

Each week we follow the team of highly trained SCU investigators as they deal with the aftermath of a major incident. The team piece together clues from the forensic evidence at the scene and work backwards to discover what caused the crash.

Filming this process is a major challenge and for five months the crew were on-call 24 hours a day with both the Waitemäta and Auckland City Serious Crash Units:

“If the SCU were called out then so were we.” says Producer Peter Clews. “That means a lot of late night and early morning phone calls but we have to be with them every step of the way in order to tell the full story.”

As well as the investigations, the series talks to people affected by the crashes. This includes family members struggling with the death of a loved one and occasionally a survivor who talks us through the harrowing events of a crash.

The incidents covered in the series reveal a variety of tragic situations that often could have been avoided. The NZ Police hope the series will help to change people’s attitude to driving and their behaviour behind the wheel.

Far too many Kiwis still have the attitude that it will never happen to them. SCU: Serious Crash Unit proves that tragedy can occur when you least expect it and that everyone can help make our roads safer.

SCU: Serious Crash Unit is produced by Greenstone Pictures

Partnership formed for digital extension of The Amazing Extraordinary Friends

4 07 2008

TVNZ has launched a digital extension of hit local series The Amazing Extraordinary Friends (AEF) in a landmark partnership with NZ On Air and Greenstone Pictures.

Housed on, the AEF website enables fans to interact with the show through exclusive video content, behind the scenes information, games and competitions.

The site has received funding from NZ On Air as part of its new Digital Content Partnership Fund and is produced by TVNZ’s online team with content supplied by Greenstone.

TVNZ’s Head of Marketing and Emerging Business Jason Paris says that the AEF site is a great example of TVNZ’s guiding strategy: “Inspiring New Zealanders on every screen”.

“Our strategy is to offer viewers content on multiple platforms and online is obviously an important part of this. Fans of AEF are always online, that’s where they get their information and how they communicate with their friends. So online is where we wanted to take the show.”

Paris says that partnering with NZ On Air and Greenstone in this venture is a significant step for TVNZ’s digital strategy.

“It’s great to have NZ On Air’s support, recognising that taking content online is an important extension for local production.”

NZ On Air’s CEO Jane Wrightson says that the AEF partnership is one of the first projects to be confirmed by the agency after the opportunity to fund online content was created by the recent Broadcasting Act amendment.

“The AEF project provided a wonderful opportunity for NZ On Air to move into the digital space in association with an already successful broadcast series. It is also appropriate that as one of our first online projects the target audience is one that easily embraces the opportunities presented by interactive web content”.

AEF producer Peter Clews believes that the AEF site is leading the way, reflecting the fact that in the future, television content will be delivered on a range of media.

“Having material online is changing the way that people are viewing and seeking their entertainment material, but the AEF site is not just another viewing platform, it’s a creative tool and fans will be part of the process.

“A lot of the material on the site will actually be generated by viewers. We want people to create their own superheroes who may actually end up being in Amazing Extraordinary Friends.”

The second series of The Amazing Extraordinary Friends is on TV2 at 4pm from Saturday 5 July. The production is funded by NZ On Air and TVNZ, and is created by Stephen Campbell and produced by Matt McPhail for Greenstone Pictures.

New Game Show Dare to Win set for launch on TV2

19 06 2008

Dare To Win is TV2’s new local family show hosted by Dominic Bowden. Families, flatmates, colleagues, or club members accept challenges to learn new skills with the chance of winning major prizes for themselves and their group.

Teams of four people are given a challenge, either coordination or memory based, and they have one week to practice.

They then go before a Studio Audience where one person from the team is chosen to complete the challenge.

If they succeed they get $10,000 worth of prizes . . . if they fail – nothing!

It is set for launch on Sunday 22 June at 7:30pm on TV2

20/20 features dogged determination, Tom Cruise, lost children and pulling out hair.

13 05 2008

This weeks 20/20 – Thursday 15 May 9.30pm on TV2 features:

DOGGED DETERMINATION: He’s a South Island farmer who loves the land, his family and friends, and the dog that’s leading him to victory at the local sheepdog trials. But Otago’s Ralph Brown has had his own trials to overcome. His family were determined that his cerebral palsy wouldn’t hold him back from the best life has to offer. But when he decided to make farming his life, even they weren’t sure how he’d handle the physical demands. As 20/20’s Paul Hobbs discovers, Ralph is a man who’s proudly defying the odds – winning, and at the same time, inspiring his community.

CRUISE CONTROL: He’s spent two years battling bad PR, courtesy of his couch-jumping antics. But Tom Cruise’s image rehab is officially underway with a two-hour special on Oprah Winfrey, to celebrate his 25 years of making movies. He’s emphasising his wife and new baby, and his latest movie but is noticeably quieter on his controversial Scientology links. Now in a new unauthorised biography, Andrew Morton claims Cruise is actually now second in command in Scientology, and spills the beans to 20/20 on what’s really driving Tom Cruise.

INNOCENTS LOST: 20/20’s run a number of social experiments this year, looking at what people should, and can do in a tricky situation. But for the first time even we’ve been shocked by the results of our latest investigation. Imagine you’re on a busy street, rushing to work, or simply out for a walk, when suddenly you notice a little boy standing all alone. Is he really lost? Do you stop to find out? The answer seems obvious, right? Well, maybe not. You won’t believe what people do, or fail to do – even when our young actors start crying and begging for help.

HAIR-RAISING: She’s a beauty queen who’s hiding a debilitating secret. Twenty-year-old Jena Metts has the looks to be a model – but underneath she’s just praying people won’t notice what’s wrong. And she’s not the only one. As 20/20 discovers, millions of people around the world suffer from a disfiguring condition, which drives them to literally pull out their own hair, strand by strand. We investigate the cause, and how to help.

PLUS: As the stormy weather continues to rip across the country, there’s even been a tornado sighting in the Hawkes Bay. What should you do in the face of a major twister? 20/20 talks to the Twister Sisters, two women who’ve made their livelihoods from chasing tornados about the risks and rewards of storm chasing, and what we should do, when the big one hits.