Power of 10 new game show on TV3

4 08 2008

Power of 10 is going to be the biggest-money game show in the history of television, and I really hope someone wins the US$10 million.” – Drew Carey.

This week 3 proudly premieres one of the most exciting new game shows since Deal or No Deal; Power of 10 premieres Wednesday, August 13th at 7:30 on TV3.

Power of 10 Host Drew Carey

Power of 10 Host Drew Carey

Hosted by Drew Carey (Whose Line is it Anyway?, The Drew Carey Show), Power of 10 reaches out all across America to poll thousands of people and ask them just about everything, yielding questions like “What percentage of Americans said they were virgins the day they got married?” and “How many Americans believe they are smarter than the president?”

Each week, contestants find out whether they have their finger on the pulse of the people and can accurately predict the results of the nationwide surveys. With the first question worth $1,000 and only five questions to answer, each one increasing 10 times in value, the contestant who has the best take on the American mind-set could walk away with a $10 million payday!

This concept proved interesting enough for Carey to return to television with another game show after swearing off them after Whose Line is it Anyway?

“I would have been quite happy to never, ever be on another TV game show,” Carey says, “but this sounded so interesting to me, I said I’d do it. It was a big thing that [Who Wants to be a Millionaire? executive producer] Michael Davies was doing it, and I think people who watch it will rethink what they believe America believes.”

Carey also said that since he does not know the answers to the questions, he gets to “play along with the contestants,” for whom he has often has much empathy.

“I feel for people when they play the game. I want them to win, and I want to help them make the right decision. I guess that shows through,” he says.

“You don’t want to cheat anyone out of their opportunity to make money, but if somebody’s making a guess that’s so far off, you kind of have to go, ‘Whoa! Don’t blow it!’

And with US$10 million on the line it’s certainly easy to lose your nerve and “blow it”. Let’s hope our first bunch of contestants won’t have that problem when Power of 10 premieres on Wednesday, August 13th at 7:30 on TV3.


Join up as contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

18 07 2008

The first New Zealand version of the globally popular quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is coming soon to TV ONE.

TVNZ is calling for contestants from around New Zealand to be on the show.
Those selected will be flown to the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? studios in Melbourne where the series will be recorded in front of a Kiwi audience and fronted by a New Zealand host (yet to be announced).

“TVNZ is thrilled and proud to bring Kiwi viewers the first New Zealand version of this phenomenally popular show,” says Andrew Shaw, TVNZ General Manager of Commissioning, Production & Acquisition.

“The opportunity to share the studio, set, lighting, computer system and production expertise of Channel 9 makes this New Zealand version possible,” says Shaw.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is the multi-award winning quiz format created by 2waytraffic. The show launched in the UK where it quickly became a ratings phenomenon. Since then the format has been licensed or optioned to every major territory in the world.

The format has unparalleled play-a-long-at-home appeal, with viewers either on the edge of their seats or with their head in their hands, hanging on to the contestant’s every answer.

To apply, go to tvnz.co.nz/millionaire and take the test.

New Zealand’s Got Talent Judges announced

10 07 2008

Entertainment industry stalwarts Paul Ellis and Richard Driver will join actress Mirama Smith as judges on Prime’s upcoming variety series New Zealand’s Got Talent.

Executive Producer of New Zealand’s Got Talent Nicola van der Meijden is delighted with the new additions to the show’s judging panel: “Richard and Paul each bring a wealth of industry experience and credibility which is hugely important in a series that showcases such a wide variety of talent.”

An influential figure in local and international industries, with a music career spanning 17 years, Ellis has recently returned to New Zealand after working at Channel Nine in Australia.

Ellis was a judge on the hugely popular NZ Idol and is looking forward to returning to our screens to find New Zealand’s next great talent.

“This is the only show that I would ever consider coming back to television for,” says Ellis. “I had a wonderful time on the first two seasons of NZ Idol but out of all the big entertainment shows, this one has to tick all the boxes.”

Formerly a host of Radio with Pictures, Richard Driver has worked as managing director, producer, director and performer across all entertainment genres. He has created and produced international award-winning documentaries and launched SKY Television’s Documentary Channel in November 2006.

Driver’s diverse experience makes him an ideal choice for New Zealand’s Got Talent.

“This show is an absolutely fantastic format that will give so many talented New Zealanders of all ages a real go at being seen and heard by the rest of the nation.

“I am very excited about being a judge on a show where raw and unknown talent has the opportunity to perform publicly,” he says.

Ellis and Driver will join popular actress Miriama Smith on the judging panel to decide, with the help of the New Zealand public, who will walk away with the $100,000 grand prize.

“The thing I want to see on that stage is acts that are engaging and entertaining for the whole country,” hints Ellis.

“I have the utmost respect for what Miriama and Richard have achieved in their individual careers and because we come from such different backgrounds, I’m looking for some healthy debate about the different acts that are going to be performing for us!”

Driver agrees. “I hope to see genuine, original and honest performances. My approach towards each act will be mostly supportive and constructive, although I won’t hesitate to dress down and reprimand anyone who I believe has not prepared adequately.

Most of all, I am looking forward to some exceptional talent being discovered, the weird, the wonderful and the naturally gifted – I’m sure that we will get them all.”

New Zealand’s Got Talent will be hosted by Jason Reeves and Andrew Mulligan and will air on Prime later this year.

New Game Show Dare to Win set for launch on TV2

19 06 2008

Dare To Win is TV2’s new local family show hosted by Dominic Bowden. Families, flatmates, colleagues, or club members accept challenges to learn new skills with the chance of winning major prizes for themselves and their group.

Teams of four people are given a challenge, either coordination or memory based, and they have one week to practice.

They then go before a Studio Audience where one person from the team is chosen to complete the challenge.

If they succeed they get $10,000 worth of prizes . . . if they fail – nothing!

It is set for launch on Sunday 22 June at 7:30pm on TV2

State of Origin TV show Rugby v Rugby League

2 05 2008

Oscar Kightley - State of Origin hostHosted by Oscar Kightley, Stage of Origin pits rugby players against league players in a hilarious theatre sports comedy special. Stage of Origin screens on Friday, May 9th at 8:30pm on 3.

Stage of Origin takes some of rugby and league’s hardest men and watches them do everything from River Dancing to being drag queens as they battle for bragging rights as to which code is the wittiest and most talented off field and on stage.

This is the fifth annual Stage of Origin show. Last year captain Eroni Clarke and his team had a close victory to take the fourth annual title. Can they do it again in 2008?

“Although it is a friendly competition, the League boys are keen to re-establish themselves as the Stage of Origin champions in 2008,” Wesley Faleolo, the intellectual property owner of the Stage of Origin concept said when asked about the competition between the two teams.

The comedy special is filmed two days prior at the Beaumont Centre in Auckland. Although the special makes great TV, its primary purpose is to raise money for community groups. Sport clubs, schools, even the New Zealand Special Olympics take advantage of the offer to sell tickets to the event and keep $20 from each ticket sold.

Stage of Origin also works to add its name to the domestic violence campaign “It’s Not Okay”. But it is okay to ask for help, and this is the message the event hopes to deliver.

The event also acts as a stage to promote up and coming New Zealand music acts. Successful groups such as Adeaze, Spacifix and Cydel have all been known to grace the stage.

The Union boys will again be captained by Eroni Clarke, with Steve Devine, Jerome Kaino, and David Smith all confirmed to battle it out for their side. The Unions will also be joined by supporting celebrity Nainz from R&B group Adeaze.

For the League team, Wairangi Koopu will captain Michael Witt and Laughing Samoan Tofiga Fepulea’i, among others.

Make sure not to miss Stage of Origin when is screens on Friday, May 9th at 8:30pm on 3.

Wheel of Fortune returns to TVNZ

4 04 2008

TVNZ has announced a partnership with leading New Zealand retailer Noel Leeming as sponsor of the new TV ONE series of Wheel of Fortune.

The game show will launch on April 13, a Sunday night, with a one-off premiere special featuring Dancing with the Stars finalists playing for charity.

Wheel of Fortune will then revert to a regular daily weekday time slot of 5.30pm on TV ONE beginning on Monday, 14th April.

TVNZ Chief Executive Rick Ellis says the commissioning and production of Wheel of Fortune has been a substantial undertaking by TVNZ.

“To secure a high-profile on-air sponsor like Noel Leeming reinforces our belief in the audience response to the show, and the value that will bring to our advertisers”.

Noel Leeming Group CEO Andrew Dutkiewicz said, “In the context of our overall brand and marketing strategy the partnership with TVNZ on Wheel of Fortune represents a further innovation in our marketing mix which we believe will provide communication cut through and bottom line results – it’s an exciting development in the way we interact with our consumers”.

“This is no ordinary on-air sponsorship” said Mint General Manager Justin Mowday. “With the opportunity to gain full integration of Noel Leemings product range in-programme and also leverage this association further into point of sale and promotional activity we jumped at the chance to bring our client on board”.

There are a number of new features within the revised Wheel of Fortune format which will be firsts for the New Zealand market, including a play along at home text component where viewers will have the opportunity to participate in one game puzzle round per episode and compete with other viewers to win daily prizes.

Well known TV personality Jason Gunn will host the programme with support from co-host Sonia Gray.

New Zealand Version of Deal or no Deal set to launch

28 05 2007

Jeremy Corbett Deal or no Deal
DEAL OR NO DEAL – The international sensation comes to New Zealand.

Join Jeremy Corbett and 26 beautiful models for the premiere of the local version of the international hit game show Deal Or No Deal on Wednesday, June 6th at 7:30pm on 3.

Deal Or No Deal pits ordinary New Zealanders against an insidious banker intent on thwarting their chances of walking away with $200,000.

The rules are simple. There are 26 briefcases containing amounts ranging from 10c to $200,000. Contestants choose one briefcase as their own, then start opening the other cases, held by 26 beautiful New Zealand models in stunning gold Turet Knuefermann designer dresses. The contestants hope to reveal small cash amounts, as it increases their chances of the $200,000 being in their case.

As each round progresses, the banker tries to tempt the contestants to sell him their case by offering an instant cash amount. The contestant must either stick with the original briefcase choice (‘No Deal’), or make a ‘Deal’ with the banker to accept his cash offer in exchange for whatever dollar amount turns out to be in their chosen case.

In a one hour scramble to secure the best deal they can, contestants must rely on their nerve and luck as their fortune is played out in front of the nation. They take huge risks, they employ strategy, they beg, they soar, they stumble, they trust in their luck, and they make decisions they will remember for the rest of their lives, but their ultimate fate all comes down to one question: Deal Or No Deal?

For host Jeremy Corbett, winning the role as host on the show was a dream come true.

“I’m rapt! I can’t believe I got this role. I thought Darryl [McEwan, Executive Producer] was joking when he offered it to me. Too late now Darryl.”

On the show, Jeremy is lucky enough to work with 26 beautiful women every show. However, he says it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

“Working with 26 beautiful women? I’m learning a lot about hair.”

Will any of our lucky contestants win the $200,000? Find out when Deal Or No Deal premieres on Wednesday, June 6th at 7:30pm on 3.

For more information visit: tv3.co.nz/dond