Documentary follows dwarf in his aim to find love

22 07 2008

Inside New Zealand: A Little Love Story, screening Thursday, July 31st at 9:30pm on TV3, is the unique New Zealand story of Matthew, a dwarf from Auckland who travels to the USA with the aim to find true love at the worlds’ largest gathering of Little People.

At 4 foot 5, Matthew is at the top end of dwarfism with the most common form of dwarfism, Acondraplasia. He has no distinguishing facial features and is fit and strong. He’s a typical kiwi guy who enjoys sport, going to pubs, dancing and hanging out with his friends, both average size and little.

Travelling to America in search of that special someone was something Matthew didn’t take lightly and every so often he found the process challenging.

“At times being followed all the time was hard. On several occasions I made sure that I lost the film crew so I could have personal time with some really nice women,” he says.

Matthew has made a great life for himself in Auckland. He has a job he loves at a cactus nursery, is a record-breaking bodybuilder and has his own apartment in the central city. All that’s missing for Mathew is a partner or better still a wife. Most of his girlfriends have been average sized women, but now he is in his 30s he is keen to settle down, preferably with someone who’s also a Little Person.

Matthew found he learnt a lot about himself while filming the documentary.

“Everyone at the conference called me a conference virgin. Your first LPA conference knocks all new Little People over. I loved being one of the taller LP’s there. I wished I could have relaxed more too,” he says.

“It was hard sometimes to relax when you had a documentary crew with you. Next time I go to the conference I need to meet more people. I wished I had better time management. The eight day conference goes by really quickly.”

With only around 150 Little People in New Zealand the chances of finding a partner your own age with similar interests is remote. Matthew, like many other Little People only met his first Little Person in his mid 20’s; however the search for a partner means he must look further a field.

As one of the 1500 delegates attending, can he spark a connection with that special someone? This is his story. Find out more in Inside New Zealand: A Little Love Story, screening Thursday, July 31 at 9.30pm on TV3.




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