Sperm Wars on Inside New Zealand

10 07 2008

Reproductively speaking, it has been suggested that today’s man is only half the man his grandfather was. Inside New Zealand: Sperm Wars takes a look at some of the myths and truths around sperm on Thursday, July 24th at 9:30pm on TV3.

Does wearing boxers or good old tighty whiteys really make a difference to your sperm count and motility? Does the way you sit and cross your legs affect your swimmers? Is it true that if you work with a laptop on your lap you can become infertile? Studies have implicated various aspects of modern living in putting sperm under threat. Cell phones, laptop computers, junk food, alcohol and prescription drugs have all been discussed in recent studies suggesting that male fertility rates are dropping.

Inside New Zealand: Sperm Wars conducts tests on virile young men to see how they are affected by some of these factors, as well as meeting three couples who desperately want children, but are affected by the man’s fertility.

We meet one couple hoping that a vasectomy reversal will give them the baby they desperately want. Steve’s first marriage resulted in two children, and he thought that his family was complete. Seven years later, he has changed his mind, and wants to extend his family with his second wife, Nicola. But with less than a 50% chance of the operation being a success, will their baby dreams go begging?

We will also meet Wade, a man in his late twenties who is having trouble impregnating his wife Jo because his sperm count is so low he is classed as infertile. Will a naturopath have the answer for him? Can Wade really give up alcohol, cigarettes and junk food and replace them with healthy food and herbal tinctures and tablets? And if he can, will it even make a difference?

Finally, we meet Sam and Alastair, who have known for nearly eight years that Alastair’s motility is the reason they are unable to have children. As it is unlikely that Alastair’s sperm would ever be able to travel the distance to the egg, they have turned to science with ICSI fertilisation. The procedure is pricy, but if it works it will all be worth it. Are Sam and Alastair’s baby dreams about to come true?

Find out when Inside New Zealand: Sperm Wars screens on Thursday, July 24th at 9:30pm on TV3.




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