More on Tony Veitch from TVNZ

10 07 2008

Television New Zealand has a review process underway regarding disclosures by sports presenter Tony Veitch.

TVNZ Chief Executive Rick Ellis said the review began on Monday but there were significant and complex matters around the issue that restricted what could be said publicly.

“We are giving the situation our most serious consideration, and Tony’s personal statement today will be taken into account by the review process,” he said.

“Violence is a major issue in New Zealand and the profile of our on air presenters is important to the public and to our organisation.”

Mr Ellis said TVNZ had had a number of conversations with Mr Veitch and his legal representatives since Monday.

The review process is being run by the Head of Television, the Head of Human Resources and the Head of News and Current Affairs.




One response

20 07 2008
michael Cruickshank

good on Mr Vetich for his honesty and remorse.

stress can play a factor in many instiance but my comments surround Trevor mallard who is also a violent offendeer ot another member of parliament who has not resigned and the focus on Mr Vetich is one of a witch hunt in many regards, i will not condone such vioelnce in any way but i think mallard is a joke to be investigating this given his own history.

TVNZ shoudl thank Mr Vetich for his resigntaion and saving TVNZ much embarassment and working to amke things much easier on them, what asounds me is why it took 2 years to coem out and the blackmail involved of Mr veitch by the woman concerned who wants the best of both worlds and should be charged for her blackmail of Mr Veitch which is not given any focus what so ever, it is certainly double standards in every sense, his job career reputation and money and he still did right by every one and fronted up when it mattered, one moment can destroy lives, it is a very sad case indeed.

TVNZ should have supported the matters better ratehr than saving its own hide and careers and reputations.

there is no easy answer and it is not oen incident shoudl be addressed it is all what has occured for 2 years from the point of the incident.

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