Sports Cafe is back for more

8 07 2008

Sportscafe returns to TV2 with its own unique combination of ad lib comment, special guests and general mayhem, which occasionally manages to contain some sporting insight.

Hosted by Ric Salizzo, Marc Ellis, Lana Coc-Kroft, Eric Rush and Graeme Hill, it’s hard to describe what is going to happen on the show because they usually don’t know themselves. Somehow it seems to work despite its best efforts not to.

“All I can say is that the team has gone through a long reconditioning process and the rotation has worked well for us”, explains Salizzo.

“We’re excited everyone will be back, but we never really know who will show up on the night. Negotiations are continuing with ‘That Guy’s agent, Eva is busy with University studies and will pop in when she can, and Marc says he will be there, but you can never really trust him.”

Coming to viewers LIVE from Eden Park, the series format will be familiar to viewers.

“We generally start planning on Wednesday morning before the show – and then Marc comes in and changes it all. We aren’t going to be shifting much from what we did in the past, but there will be some great new stuff as well.”

With the Olympics on the horizon, Sportscafe promises to keep TV2 viewers informed on all the sporting action. “We are excited about the prospect of the Olympics and trying to convince ‘That Guy’ that he should go to China – we’re just in the process of finding out where it is.”




26 responses

10 07 2008

Dear Sports Cafe team,
I watched your show last nite and am very pleased to enjoy your humor again.
Its so good to have a good laugh!

10 07 2008

It sucked, as usual.

Loved it!

11 07 2008
John Davies

Loved the interview with the scathing old man – Mark Ellis’ reaction was priceless! GREAT SHOW!

17 07 2008

Just wondering how you choose your people, have you heard about the latest World Chap in Sailing from the weekend (Karl Purdie) He should be on your show lets get something else other then rugby and cricket.

Very glad you are back on

A Fan

20 07 2008
Michael Romanos

The exciting and fast pace sport of agility has a participating population of some 3000 fogs amd 2000 handlers in NZ. It is a substantial international sport with annual world champs and is pitching for Olympic Games inclusion.
NZ has only just begun international competition and is looking towards a test series between Australia-New Zealand in 2011.
The best exponent of the sport of agility in NZ is a 16 year old Rotorua girl who has trained and handled at least 3 agility champion dogs so far.
It would be very worthwhile and anusing for Sportscafe to have this young lady on your show. Sge is an incredible competitor, unmatched anywhere in the world.
For more info, contact me.
Cheers, Michael Romanos, tel 04 528 5861 or 021 614 821

20 07 2008
Michael Romanos

Re above ‘comments,’ for fogs read dogs. A typo slip. And for sge read she

21 07 2008

doesnt marc ellis know how to shut his mouth for more than 20 seconds.Hes disruptive and makes watchting the show almost unbearable. How does a show full of convicted drug users get back on the air.? Lana looks very guant in the face/

27 07 2008

why do people like kevin watch sports cafe if all he is going to do is criticise. Marc Ellis is just so humourous. I f I am not home to eatch it I make sure it is recorded…Go Sports Cafe….good to have you back

27 07 2008

why do people like kevin watch sports cafe if all he is going to do is criticise. Marc Ellis is just so humourous. I f I am not home to watch it I make sure it is recorded…Go Sports Cafe….good to have you back

30 07 2008

Dear Sports Cafe

I am the manager for the Wellington North Mens Netball team and I did not appreciate the comment Marc Ellis said to Casey Williams in lastnights show about the Wellington Netball team being fafafengi (excuse my spelling) aka: gay. Im assuming you ment the Mens Netball team when you referred to them as being gay and Il have you know that not all Men Netballers are gay and it is wrong for you to assume so and if you knew my team you would see that for yourself. My guys would be offended if they heard that, maybe they have I dont know but Im sure I will here all about it tomorrow if they have.

31 07 2008

Mark if you just shut up for a moment we’d be able to listen to what the guests have to say… they’d be far more interesting than you to listen to. Seems your big head and big mouth need to take a break.

5 08 2008

I agree with Sue on that one, why watch sports cafe, then go to the effort to find this website and complain about it. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. There are plenty of people who enjoy the show and take it for what it is, a lighthearted, entertaining sports show. There is a reason why Marc Ellis has continued to stretch the rules and seemingly do as he likes, because it creates an interesting, original viewer experience, and has given Sports Cafe the following it has today.

Surely if Sports Cafe is a show you do not enjoy, you can simply find something more engaging to do, or even switch channel at 930 pm for an hour.

6 08 2008


Are you trying to win the award for using the most ‘ahs’ in one show?
You are worse than the ASB reports!
I challenge you to eliminate this word from next weeks show:)

11 08 2008

Sports Cafe sucks like a crrot.

You guys should watch CODE on Maori TV. Now thats real commentary and real humour. Sports Cafe wouldnt know how to interview ir it hi them in the face.
Mutts and Oz are funny and Jenny May keeps the boys in line. The music is up to date and modern.

Get a life Sports Cafe, you belong off air and in the toilet. And what sports did Lana Cocroft play???????? Lol

13 08 2008

I hate pretty much every sport there is, it all seems to me like a conduit to feed the ego, a combative conditioning process feeding ideals where people either WIN or LOSE, where an opposing side is an ‘enemy’ and must be ‘eliminated’ i fail to see how we can progress as i species if we continue to feed these concepts,..
So you can imagine my fascination at being addicted to Sportscafe!!!
I love the banter, wit, and lack of any intentional direction.
ALL of the presenters are dynamic and highly entertaining.
If you DON’T like sportscafe,.. its YOUR fault, you bland sods.

18 08 2008

Are you guys having your nude day comp? when & where does the footage get sent too if you are?

19 08 2008
Becky Taylor

Best show ever! I love MARC ELLIS. He makes the show!!!
will u marry me?? I sat near you at the test match in Dunedin and fall in love, I think we had a moment!!

20 08 2008

The following message is backed up by so many people I have spoken to. This is not just a ramble from one person…

Sports Cafe is a great show.
The crew are so funny and it is very entertaining to watch.
Except for Mr Graeme Hill.
Graeme is so out of place. We cringe with some of the questions he asks our sportsmen and women. And he is quite simply not funny.

You can tell from his body language that he feels inadequate.
We think he feels compelled to say something to be included in the topic and what he says is so often out of place.

You can pick up a similar vibe amongst the others during broadcast.

A greaty show. Ric, Lana, Eric, very entertaining. Marc, you just hilarious.
As I said at the start, I speak for many viewers here. Graeme needs to go.

20 08 2008

Correct John!! you hit that on the head with a nail!!
well said!

20 08 2008
Ric Blows

I used to be a fan of this show the first time round, but this time find Rics constant bitching at Marc far too unbearable to stomach it. If I wanted to see an immature male bitch-fight, id go hang out with my brothers! Grow up Ric or get off the telly.
Won’t be watching anymore

20 08 2008

Wow, Rick or whoever that bald headed geek is needs to pull that shiny dome in. Mark is the only reason most people actually watch the poorly produced under funded show. If Mark wants to say something, let him speak. Entering into personal attacks and trying to unsuccessfully demean someone only makes you look stupid. Fortunately there are ecliptic people out there like Mark, Gods knows what sort of mind-numbing world it would be if everyone was like Rick.

22 08 2008

Love the show guys, i wanna know where to send nude day vids to as well, trust me you’ll love ours.

27 08 2008
Tony Ferrier

To the sports cafe team

Wellington U17 Girls Representative Soccer Team
are doing a fundraiser
The GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS have been informed and the challenge is on. The girls are dressing up As Zombies and staggering around the city dressed as zombies in there drive to promote this

We need as many people pushing and shoving as we can to break the record.
1100 is the total to beat and the requirement is that the number must be gathered in one place for15 minutes
and sign the register to make the record certifiable
Frank Kitts Park …. September 8th 2008 …… 730.we are taking over the park gathering between 8.00pm -9.00pm

It would be great if you could mention this on your show this is in the name of sport…. so come on guys give us a plug

Thanks for you time

Tony Ferrier (Team Manager)
ph 3889070
cell 0272789675

15 09 2008
sean broadhurst

i love sports cafe. the guests are always a laugh.the nude guy was funny.thye shoud have ruben wiki on .

18 09 2008

Hi MArc
where are all the nude day videos
and cheers for the tequila on the cricket day , that was the end of me

24 09 2008
Josh Holland

I did a video for sports cafe, on the nude day and the HUTT CITY COUNCIL is with holding the video. u personally would fing it hilarious with a motorbike, police, the toyota company all involved.
Please give a hand if you can, even mentioning on the show.


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