Sensing Murder returns to screens

8 07 2008

Sensing Murder Series 3

Sensing Murder Series 3

Sensing Murder’s psychic sleuths return to investigate unsolved murder cases, missing person enquiries, and unexplained deaths, in a new series tonight on TV2.

Presented by Rebecca Gibney, the 90-minute episodes follow the team of gifted psychics – Australian Deb Webber and Kiwi’s Kelvin Cruickshank and Sue Nicholson – as they attempt to uncover new leads in more of New Zealand’s most intriguing unsolved cases.

“Sensing Murder takes viewers into the unknown, gives an insight into what may have happened; and enables cold cases to be revisited by the authorities,” says producer David Baldock.

Thrilled the series prompts renewed interest in unsolved murders, he says although the psychics are generating new insights, the responsibility of solving these cold cases rests with police.

“We understand that the police have to balance historic investigations with their current enquiries and that these enquiries will take time to progress. We just have to be patient.”

Baldock believes the new episodes go even further than in previous series, with some very baffling cases.

In tonights show; Nineteen-year-old Blake Stott died in a mysterious car fire. Uncomfortable with the coroner’s findings and desperate for answers, Blake’s family hope the psychics can help.

For more information go to the Producers – Ninox Television’s website for Sensing Murder




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