SCU: Serious Crash Unit returns to TV2 for fourth season

8 07 2008

SCU: Serious Crash Unit makes a welcome return to TV2 for a fourth season. The top rating documentary series again gives viewers a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of a real police investigation.

Each week we follow the team of highly trained SCU investigators as they deal with the aftermath of a major incident. The team piece together clues from the forensic evidence at the scene and work backwards to discover what caused the crash.

Filming this process is a major challenge and for five months the crew were on-call 24 hours a day with both the Waitemäta and Auckland City Serious Crash Units:

“If the SCU were called out then so were we.” says Producer Peter Clews. “That means a lot of late night and early morning phone calls but we have to be with them every step of the way in order to tell the full story.”

As well as the investigations, the series talks to people affected by the crashes. This includes family members struggling with the death of a loved one and occasionally a survivor who talks us through the harrowing events of a crash.

The incidents covered in the series reveal a variety of tragic situations that often could have been avoided. The NZ Police hope the series will help to change people’s attitude to driving and their behaviour behind the wheel.

Far too many Kiwis still have the attitude that it will never happen to them. SCU: Serious Crash Unit proves that tragedy can occur when you least expect it and that everyone can help make our roads safer.

SCU: Serious Crash Unit is produced by Greenstone Pictures




One response

22 07 2008
Willie SMITH-Tow and Salvage MARLBOROUGH

I have just watched the first in a new series of SCU.
You guys cannot expect to get the safety message across when you have a
Police Investigator crawling around under a vehicle supported only by a jack on
crossmember and not an axle stand in sight.I cringed as the Officer
rolled under the vehicle on a creeper and then spent time there explaining what he was doing. OSH would have taken you and the Police to the cleaners if that jack had collapsed.If a jack collapses the result is the same as a serious crash-serious injury or death-there are no second chances!!!

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