The Gangs Part One on Inside New Zealand

19 06 2008

New Zealand Gangs
This is the documentary many New Zealanders will be shocked to see. Gang members are not just the patch wearing, tattoo covered people you cross the road to avoid. They are a big part of society, and are far more involved in the activities surrounding your day-to-day life than you might think.

Inside New Zealand: The Gangs is a two-part look inside the gang culture and their place in our society, beginning Thursday, June 19th at 9:30pm on TV3. Journalist Pam Corkery spent 18 months of her life getting in amongst New Zealand’s biggest and most feared gangs, and her unprecedented access is brought to you in this eye-opening documentary.

The Gangs – Part One goes behind the headlines and introduces the actual gang leaders – men who have never agreed to be on television before. Prepare yourself to be face to face with the real men in charge of some of the country’s most notorious gangs; gangs that affect your everyday life without you even knowing it.

“We wanted to reveal the actual level of New Zealand’s gang problem – to speak to leaders who could impart unprecedented insight into the culture of the gang world,” says producer/ director Laurie Clarke.

From minor crimes to gang infiltration into government departments, this first episode will also explore the unbelievable range of gang activities throughout New Zealand. “It’s nothing less than astonishing,” says Clarke.

We will meet non-criminal citizens who use the gangs to do legitimate work (backed by the not-so-legitimate inferences of their fear factor), and criminals who pay the gangs “taxes” so that they can work within the jealously guarded gang territories.

We will also meet prospective members, whose life ambitions are to become fully patched gang members, and explore the psyche behind gang violence. Is it always when used only when necessary, or is it sometimes just a brutal form of fun?

Plus, we go deep inside the only maximum security wing at Auckland Prison, better known as Paremoremo, to see what kind of criminal activity takes place, business-as-usual, inside its walls, and to find out how successful inmates can be in corrupting prison staff.

“Another revelation is the range of gang infiltration into the prison service,” says Clarke. “People just don’t realise the extent of the gang networks.”

Sometimes terrifying, Corkery and her camera crew find themselves in tricky situations during this documentary. From gangsters making threats and throwing things at them under a darkened bridge in the middle of the night, to drug dealers wielding handguns during meetings, some of the circumstances under which these interviews took place are nothing short of life-threatening.

Prepare to be enlightened as the first part of the powerful and shocking documentary Inside New Zealand: The Gangs screens on Thursday, June 19th at 9:30pm on TV3.




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20 06 2008

I missed this on tv, does anyone have the part one link or video saved?

20 06 2008

Dont even bother Chris…

Prepare to be enlightened is absolutely hillarious!!!

Pam was absolutely hopeless! Her ‘insightful’ comments were great comedy value. Quote of the night went to “So now you have given up the drugs, the crime and the stabbing of people?”. What a load of bollocks…

I was expecting to see more about the gangs and what they are doing to NZ – this basically gave gang leaders the opportunity to show their face on TV and act like good guys, while taking the piss out of Corkery. They were even laughing at her, and saying things like “Come on Pam, you’ve seen the movies” – clearly they could even see she was an idiot.

Utter moron, and TV3 should sack her for such a crap display of journalism. I half expected to see a joint in her hand, or a bottle of wine as she sounded completely wasted half the time.

If you want to see a decent show on gangs – watch Ross Kemp’s show. Now that is insightful.

Waste of my time and New Zealands.

26 06 2008

Watched part one and two, I suppose it showed a bit of what the NZ gangs get up to, but who really cares, we’ve all seen them, we know what kind of mischief they get up to, Its on the News quite a bit, but hey so is every other person who isnt affilliated to any gangs,

There has been alot more crime done by people who dont even associate with them, Alot of gang members do have clean records, probably cleaner then alot of other quote: “(civilised people”) unquote, the only reason why the gangs get so much Air time is because we recognise who they are in society by the colours and clothes they wear.

I wouldnt judge all gang members to being no hopers in NZ as everyone is an individual, they are just like everyone else some have jobs, wives and kids etc. I mean for instints you can always trust the police cant you, they dress nice serve the country but hey they might just rape you, like some have done, so who are the good guys!!!! Alot of police get done for drugs, ive heard of lawyers cops and alot more that get done for Drugs, and alot of other things,

As for Pam being a crap journalist, what do you expect, she was probably the only person in NZ with the balls to do it!!!

27 06 2008

I agree with Steph when she states that Pam is one of the very few journalists with the balls to present a doco like this, especially for a female who is marching into Male territory.
The public do want hard evidence and footage of Gang leaders and there associates commiting crime, but let’s be honest… It’s only the young ‘street’ generation who are foolish enough to proclaim there antics on national television.

Official Gangs and there leaders are business men whether you like it or not. So trying to get a confession out of them that could place there business into jeopardy is a pathetic request in the first place. There not just big men with fists and tattoo’s etc, a lot have become well-educated so they can keep themselves out of prison.

Ross would like to see more inside footage of gangs, how they operate, and all the nitty gritties. So why don’t you start prospecting for a Gang? Then you can investigate and witness everything first hand. But if you’re a Snitch, a fake, or can not stand up for yourself, prepare to face the consequences.
In closing there is still a lot of info that is shaded from the public/police eye. A successful drug dealer, or person involved with crime is most likely to be your friendly next door neighbour or work colleague. Drugs help make the world operate unfortunately. I mean…..isn’t alcohol classed as a drug? What other “medications” are “prescribed” to people?… and last but not least – How many people in the police force (or those who work for the government) have taken A,B or C class drugs and still do? Which leads to police confiscating drugs for ‘legal reasons’. Hahaha.

sweet, I’ve had my spew on here.

1 07 2008
Gina Gibson

I also am looking for copys of part one and two of this documantry. Does anyone know how I could purchase one. I foster children from Child youth and Family. I had my garden made over by TV 1 Mucking In 2 years ago for the difference I had made in the lives of these children. I have serious worries about the Maori youth that come to my home. Two of my children have been with me for eight years. Abandoned by their large Maori family after years of neglect they were bought to me at age 4 and 5. They are now aged 11 and 12, they have foetal alcohol syndrome. Although seperated from their birth family and protected from them they now walk around displaying gang type behaviour (hand signals tagging bullying swearing gang talk) at school and in our home. This is how they view “Maori”. They are drawn to anything dark, negative or violent. They are children and dont realize where this behavior eventually leads to viewing this may just shock them into seeing the big picture. I have just been dealing with them stealing from myself and local shops and fighting at school. If they have to leave my home of eight years they will likely move every 3 months to a different home which is the average for foster children. This documentry is definately a must see. Pam was great, what a strong brave woman for facing those brutes she has my admiration and respect.

1 09 2008

Far out people
you should care because guess, they are killing each oda over dumb some dumb fight of who’s who gang are u in!
Far this video showed how much stupiedity Nz have gone with gangs
It used to be just riding bikes and making havoc
but now drugs and killings are in too
far will u start caring if they came into ur house and killed u jus to get ino gang or something
Stop being so paraniod and start caring
coz if we ddnt care then the whole world wuld have been in flames by now
gosh i jus wanna slap all of those who sid they ddnt care or this documentary showed nothing but bull.
Everything hav been influenced by america with their bloods and crips.
Gangs are nothing to be proud to be in
It would only make u a murderer and the only way out is in a casket.

15 09 2008
Str8 Up

well personally i think it is true pam is a crap journalists but in saying that i give her credit for doing what she does……as for the gangs in new zealand like the ones pam interviewed and showed….people have to understand that gangs are always going to be around whether we like it or not but it doesnt mean we have to accept it or approve of it… way because i dont even and i never will but in saying that it is true most gang members have clean records or have studied and went to university but that gives them no excuse or reason to go out and murder,rape,vandalise and do other horrific things whether theyre gang members or not……

most gang members have started being in gangs from a young age……half the kids in the young gangs with no patches required are either born into it or simply have no choice……look at it this way kids that dont get attention from home….parents are either at the pub or at a party, theres no food, no power….messy house, there may be even dead and your living in a foster home and you get treated like shit there… that have nothing to go home to like they would….a loving family who cares and loves them nice warm bed nice family dinner…..but we all know not everyone gets that and what we have to realise is kids that dont have nothing at home and never get attention that they need they tend to turn to the streets for comfort which is where they get there attention from so in some cases it can be your up bringing……but not for everyone….you could have come from the most richest parents nice home, nice car, rich as can be…..have all the fame but still continue to get involved with drugs, alcohol, sex and gangs so sometimes its all up to the individual really and as for these gangs all most of them are a bunch of whimps who have nothing better to do then make our society not only feel bad but look bad aswell which can be frightning to some……all they are doing is going no where in life except everything illegal so yea personally the cops should have got rid of them a long time ago……………..and obviously helen clark dont care because shes done nothing about banning gang members from society which they should be….so yea dats meh!!!!!!

14 10 2008

I watched part 1 of this document and it did have a couple of interestin points I wasnt aware of mostly gang terriotory origins everything else was pretty much common knowledge even for me coming from chch (aranui that is though lol)

Any ways this a message is for Gina Gibson above I would just like to tell u the work you do is awesome and I would like to commend you and others like u keep up the hard work another resource you may want to try a cd from NZ Rap Artist Young Sid called “The Truth” in my opinion it has messages from a NZ perspective that will defanitly hit home with these youngsters and is similar to what they are probebly already listening to.

9 11 2008

i seen dis n the 1 on 20 20 im under 15 n i go 2 hi school i duno how i feel bowt alta dis but i can tell u that if u n a youth gang eg bloodz,, cripz u can get bashd 4 takn 1 of thea sides its not really fair 4 people who go 2 school 4 an education not 2 pick a side n get bashd!!!

wat she said was mostly true but not the full storys n not as far in 2 the story people expected 2 hear!!

20 07 2009
Kevin Owen

If we put the program below into our prisons we could clean up the gangs

The Program is a unique non-religious and non-medical prison-based crime and drug rehabilitation model.
The six to eight-month program uses no alternate drugs and through education, nutrition and body disintoxification achieves a high rate of success. The inmates are put through the program. The best of them are then trained to run the program inside the prison. New teams of inmates are then trained and sent out to start the program in other prisons, making expansion rapid and cost effective. When they leave prison they are certified rehailitation experts and can start the program up in the community

CRIMINON INDONESIA• Recidivism Rate of Criminon Graduates is 1.25%. Of 300 Criminon graduates released, only 4 returned to prison. The success rate is 98.5%.
Indonesia has 365 prisons across 17,000 islands and after reviewing the success of the Criminon program in 6 of these, the Ministry of Justice has requested Criminon Indonesia’s cooperation in devising a roll out plan that will eventually bring the program to all of its prisons.

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