Sunday features conjoined twins and James Bond

19 06 2008

Life Of Bryan
He was a Good Samaritan from Tauranga and he has a silver tongue. Now he’s at the centre of an international plot to cash up billions of pounds from the Bank of England. The deal involved fake, cherry red 500,000 pound bills, Chinese nationalists and an American gangster. SUNDAY investigates the New Zealand connection.

Born With Two Heads
Against odds of 250,000,000 to one, Mohammed and Ahmed Gad were born joined at the head. To have any quality of life they would have to be separated, however there’s absolutely no guidebook for such a procedure – it’s a step into the unknown. SUNDAY follows a journey of innovation and inspiration.

007 Shaken Not Stirred
Ian Fleming may be long dead, but his legacy lives on and on and on. Who gets to write the latest incarnation of James Bond? None other than the acclaimed British author, Sebastian Faulkes, who gives his take on James Bond. Plus one of Ian Fleming’s final interviews.




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