Series Final of The Money Man

19 06 2008

In these tough financial times, Money Man Brendon Johnson shows one family how they can save a little extra cash, and how we can, too. The final of Money Man screens on Tuesday, June 17th at 8:00pm on TV3.

“Although the Mataio family were already pretty budget conscious, there were always ways to cut back on costs around the home, and this episode is crammed with ways for all of us to save a few extra dollars – that adds up over time,” says Johnson.

“A busy mum running around after three great kids, an overworked Dad who after a week of 12 hour shifts and a game of league is too exhausted to enjoy his family – sound familiar? I show them how to not only manage their money, but how to manage their time, and ways to save a little money that involves the kids having fun.”

In these turbulent financial times, it is not surprising that the Mataio family, like so many other Kiwi families, are feeling the stress of debt due to soaring financial costs. For the last ten weeks, Johnson has been around the country helping other people, just like the Mataios, to manage their money.

“This has been a great series for me. I have met loads of interesting people from all over the country and have enjoyed working with them and guiding them towards better money management. As well as this I would like to say a big thanks to all the support I have been given by well wishers around the country; it’s great to hear so many have been inspired to take a long hard look at their finances!”

So for those of us not lucky enough to receive a personal visit from the Money Man, what does Johnson recommend we can do to help us through this economical slump?

“Remember, if you are feeling the pinch at the moment TAKE SOME ACTION. Ask for a pay rise, go check to see if you are entitled to any government help or benefits, sell stuff you don’t need and above all, learn to ‘live below your means.’ Although these are turbulent times, remember, the Chinese symbol for chaos is the same as the one for opportunity!”

Tune in for the educational final of Money Man, Tuesday, June 17th at 8:00pm on TV3.




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