20/20 features dogged determination, Tom Cruise, lost children and pulling out hair.

13 05 2008

This weeks 20/20 – Thursday 15 May 9.30pm on TV2 features:

DOGGED DETERMINATION: He’s a South Island farmer who loves the land, his family and friends, and the dog that’s leading him to victory at the local sheepdog trials. But Otago’s Ralph Brown has had his own trials to overcome. His family were determined that his cerebral palsy wouldn’t hold him back from the best life has to offer. But when he decided to make farming his life, even they weren’t sure how he’d handle the physical demands. As 20/20’s Paul Hobbs discovers, Ralph is a man who’s proudly defying the odds – winning, and at the same time, inspiring his community.

CRUISE CONTROL: He’s spent two years battling bad PR, courtesy of his couch-jumping antics. But Tom Cruise’s image rehab is officially underway with a two-hour special on Oprah Winfrey, to celebrate his 25 years of making movies. He’s emphasising his wife and new baby, and his latest movie but is noticeably quieter on his controversial Scientology links. Now in a new unauthorised biography, Andrew Morton claims Cruise is actually now second in command in Scientology, and spills the beans to 20/20 on what’s really driving Tom Cruise.

INNOCENTS LOST: 20/20’s run a number of social experiments this year, looking at what people should, and can do in a tricky situation. But for the first time even we’ve been shocked by the results of our latest investigation. Imagine you’re on a busy street, rushing to work, or simply out for a walk, when suddenly you notice a little boy standing all alone. Is he really lost? Do you stop to find out? The answer seems obvious, right? Well, maybe not. You won’t believe what people do, or fail to do – even when our young actors start crying and begging for help.

HAIR-RAISING: She’s a beauty queen who’s hiding a debilitating secret. Twenty-year-old Jena Metts has the looks to be a model – but underneath she’s just praying people won’t notice what’s wrong. And she’s not the only one. As 20/20 discovers, millions of people around the world suffer from a disfiguring condition, which drives them to literally pull out their own hair, strand by strand. We investigate the cause, and how to help.

PLUS: As the stormy weather continues to rip across the country, there’s even been a tornado sighting in the Hawkes Bay. What should you do in the face of a major twister? 20/20 talks to the Twister Sisters, two women who’ve made their livelihoods from chasing tornados about the risks and rewards of storm chasing, and what we should do, when the big one hits.




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