20/20 features Rumours, Secret Sect and American Idol process

5 05 2008

This week’s 20/20 current affairs show features;

RUMOUR HAS IT: We all do it – even when we know that we shouldn’t. Most of the time it’s just harmless stuff, but sometimes gossip can get out of hand, leaving relationships in tatters. So, what kind of person engages in gossip – for money? Well the newest professional Kiwi gossip is the Herald on Sunday’s Rachel Glucina. As Sonya Wilson discovers, hers is a job that attracts bitchiness and business, friends and enemies, and thousands of eager readers. We’ll take you to the champagne events that bring out New Zealand’s rich and famous, and find out what her targets make of it all.

SECRET SECT: Forced marriages, underage sex, and teenage mothers. That’s what shocked police uncovered after they raided a polygamist sect’s compound in West Texas. More than four hundred children have now been taken away, with most suspected of having been abused. It all started when a 16-year-old girl called police for help, saying she was being abused by her middle-aged husband. She still hasn’t been found. But what 20/20 discovers behind the sect’s gates is, according to one teenager who lived there, a living nightmare.

SURROUND SOUND: Imagine if every sound you heard reverberated right through your brain. Well as Adrian McLeish tells 20/20 that’s exactly what’s happened to him. At first his own voice began to deafen him, sounding amplified and distorted in his head. Then he began to hear every sound in his body, with the noise from his beating heart at times driving him to despair. Even the sound of his chewing was maddening. But he knew he had to get help, when he realised he could hear the sound of his eyes moving as he read a book. We’re with him as he undergoes experimental surgery, in a last ditch attempt to finally silence the noise.

IDOL WANNABE: When you’re sitting on the sofa watching American Idol it’s easy to be just as scathing as ‘nasty’ Judge Simon Cowell. But what would you do if an Idol Wannabe approached you before their big audition and asked you to rate their performance? It should be easy, particularly if they’re badly out of tune, but can we all be brutally honest to a total stranger? 20/20 takes a look at the Idol process, and looks at just how tough you have to be to give out the knocks.

PLUS With all the storms lashing the country lately it’s easy to feel like we’re at the mercy of Mother Nature. But one of the things most of us cling to is the fact that lightning never strikes twice. Well Paul Williams tells 20/20 why that’s not true – after surviving two lightning strikes. And the experts share their tips on whether it’s safe or dangerous to talk on the phone or use electrical equipment at the height of the storm.




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