TV3 Sunrise promises more to come

2 05 2008

The 2008 season of TV3’s early morning news show Sunrise has already seen breaking news and high-profile interviews and there’s more to come, Sunrise screens Weekdays at 6:30am on TV3.

The show livens up mornings with half-hourly news, sport, business and weather updates, wrapped around interviews with the newsmakers. It also keeps viewers up-to-date with lifestyle issues such as entertainment, gadgets, travel, family, fashion and design.

Sunrise is presented by Carly Flynn and James Coleman, and backed by a strong team of journalists.

One member of this dedicated team is sports journalist Rod Cheeseman. A finalist in the TP Mclean journalism awards during his first year of reporting for TV3, Cheeseman constantly continues to push the boundaries of sports – reporting into areas that non sporting fanatics find entertaining.

“The Sunrise sports segment should keep die hard fans happy with the latest news and give those that aren’t so keen a smile and a reason to watch,” says Cheeseman.

“In fact my wife who isn’t a sports fan only watches the sports bulletins… But I think that’s just to make sure I actually went to work,” he adds.

Since starting at TV3 in 2002 Cheeseman has been lucky (and mad enough) to kayak over the 7m Kaituna Falls with exploration kayaker Ben Brown, ride a motorcycle with Crusty Demons Luke Smith and Scary Mary Perkins, get a surfing lesson from NZ long and short board champion Daniel Kereopa, go paragliding with Raglans Butterfly Dave Botha, fishing with Geoff Thomas, and learned to drive as fast as possible around Pukekohe Raceway with top Kiwi driver Mike Eady.

Out of all these exciting adventures, what would be your highlight? “The highlight for me this year on Sunrise would be taking the Brian Bernard Team Yamaha R1 race bike around Pukekohe raceway,” says Cheeseman. “I’m not Troy Bayliss but I did get some respect for opening it up and scrubbing the tyres,” he explains. “The bike is faster than Greg Murphy’s V8 Super Car, and Johnny Reid’s Black Beauty. But I’m not challenging either of them to a race… Yet.”

Rod was also part of the original team that started TV3’s late night sports show Sports Tonight and he is more than proud of the job that he and the team have achieved with Sunrise since it’s launch in October last year.

“Sunrise has really come on, for a while I felt I was carrying those other five Muppets, he jokes. “All joking aside the team get on really well, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and I hope that comes across on screen,” he adds.

And what about all the fans, what’s the most common reaction you get from the people on the streets?

“I keep bumping into people who watch Sunrise, most of them just want to come and tell me how good Michael Wilson is and how hot Sacha McNeil looks with her new hair,” he says, adding “you have to agree on both counts.”

To find out if you agree make sure to tune in to TV3’s early morning news show, Sunrise, screening Weekdays at 6:30am on TV3.




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