Make Your Child Brilliant to launch on TV3

2 05 2008

Psychologist Bernadette Tynan shows parents how they can identify and unlock their child\'s individual talents and skills in Make Your Child Brilliant
Every parent wants to help their child fulfil their true potential but how can this best be achieved? Make Your Child Brilliant will answer these and other questions when it premieres on Wednesday, May 7th at 7:30pm on 3.

In this brand new factual entertainment series, psychologist Bernadette Tynan shows parents how they can identify and unlock their child’s individual talents and skills so that they can flourish and gain confidence as well as good results.

Bernadette will travel across the UK visiting a different British school each week. Looking beyond exam results, Bernadette will select children whose gifts and abilities can slip under the radar in today’s education system – in some cases, children can have a gift that lies beyond the school gates.

Using brain-training techniques, Bernadette will teach children to have confidence in themselves and their gifts, encouraging them to achieve a spectacular task, much to the amazement of friends and family.

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes and Bernadette will reveal what parents should look out for with their children. For example, the class chatterbox may be fast-thinking with fantastic language ability, the class busy body may have a brilliantly curious mind and the class bossy boots may be a great natural leader.

From novel ways of teaching spelling to trampolining to give the body and brain a workout, Bernadette will share the secrets of her brain-training techniques and will demonstrate how to identify and unlock hidden gifts. With information on taking the fear out of tests and top tips on how to work with your child’s school, Make Your Child Brilliant is an indispensable guide for parents.

Bernadette recently said “the ideas, innovation and creativity of our children are Britain’s future. In an exam-crazed system, not every child’s gifts can be captured on pen and paper tests. Every child deserves an opportunity to be brilliant.”

In this week’s Make Your Child Brilliant season premiere the series travels to Leeds where Bernadette will attempt to identify children she can make brilliant. “What I’m looking for is children with abilities that could easily slip through the net,” she says. These could be students from any ability level. “In my book there is no ‘average Joe’ – only hidden talent.”

Find out if this is true in the highly informative and entertaining Make Your Child Brilliant, premiering Wednesday, May 7th at 7:30 on 3.

Bernadette’s accompanying book, Make Your Child Brilliant, also gives parents the inside track on how to identify and nurture their child’s individual gifts and talents, and how to help them get the best out of their school years.

Distributed in NZ by Southern Publishers Group, NZ RRP $39.99, available May 2008. For more information please contact




2 responses

14 05 2008
george tate

Another show for the braindead. Sell the TV.

15 05 2008
candice pierce

You would think that they could have spelt and pronounced Lebogang’s name correctly! Lebo (the shortened form) is pronounced ‘Leb oh’ not ‘Lee bow’!!! and spelt Lebogang not Lebohang. I thought this tiresome colonial tradition of tailouring to the British palette was on the way out, or was it just sloppy research? I wonder if Lebo minded?
Meanwhile…what happened in the kitchen? Did Connor follow recipes or were the dishes he produced purely the product of his creative mind at work, or was there more input from Ms Tynan than we saw? I noticed that the tasks seemed to jump from A to C with difficult beginning and then successful output, but it was B (the journey) that interested me. An educator should know that this was an important part to see. I began to suspect smoke and mirrors and a desire to get those TV ratings in.
Great to be able to teach one on one though as you can act like God and make teachers who have a class of 32 look like they are failing their pupils …rock on..

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