Maori gardening programme set for return to screen

16 01 2008

KIWI MAARA, New Zealand’s only tri lingual television show, is set to make a return to Maori Television, Sunday February 3 at 5.30 PM with something new, something old, something borrowed and something true!

KIWI MAARA is the season sensitive sustainable gardening guide, with everything from eco friendly ideas, a plant of the week, Maori lore, rongoa Maori (traditional Maori herbs for medicinal and therapeutic use) and inspirational guests.

Seasoned presenters Teremoana Jones (an organics and permaculture specialist), Rob “Pa” McGowan (rongoa Maori expert) and Anatonio Te Maioha, are joined by newcomers Nathan Foote (bio intensive gardening) and Stephanie Awhito (sign language).

Nathan Foote comes to the show with a kete full of life experiences; studying in Vancouver and California along with an apprenticeship at Koanga Gardens in bio intensive methods.

Stephanie Awhito takes over the signing duties for this series and says KIWI MAARA has the potential to change the way television is made.

“The government has now recognized New Zealand sign language as an official language and it’s now being introduced into the education curriculum with te reo – KIWI MAARA will play a very big part in providing a resource for the country.”

Produced by White Gloves Television for Maori Television, KIWI MAARA digs into the important links between ancestral and contemporary gardening. It also looks at ways of using the land in a sustainable way and revitalizes Maori knowledge of gardening.

Dig in to the practical advice everyday gardening advice offered on Aoteoroa’s only tri-lingual show – join Maori Television for – KIWI MAARA series premiere Sunday February 3 at 5.30 PM




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