New Series of Kai Ora cooking programme returns

17 10 2007

Kai Ora Anne Thorp
Kai Ora Presenter Anne Thorp

Fresh, unadulterated fare, mixed with fabulous music and eclectic guests are the essential ingredients for Maori Television’s top rating cuisine show, KAI ORA, premiering Sunday December 2 at 7.00 PM.

Hosted by the multi talented Anne Thorp, KAI ORA is a celebration of fine dining, Maori style.

Colourful, simple, flavorsome food is the order of the day on KAI ORA, prepared in one of Anne’s two commercial kitchens in Herne Bay and Pakiri Beach – enjoyed with two essential ingredients: good friends and lots of laughter.

Anne practices the philosophy of manaakitanga – or Maori hospitality. Each week she prepares exquisitely mouthwatering dishes sourced from New Zealand’s finest produce for her invited guests. In return, they grace the occasion with a waiata or song, bringing the notion of ‘singing for one’s supper’ back to its roots.

Anne’s friends include entertainers Whirimako Black, Moana Maniopoto, Anika Moa, Madeleine Sami and Boh Runga, so guitars will often appear and strumming and singing, from opera to rock, become enjoyable accompaniments to the eating. Other famous faces to make an appearance this series are Judy Bailey, Alison Holst, Betty Cuthbert along with Peter Urlich and Karl Urban.

KAI ORA is about easy cooking and easy eating, laid back recipes that keep you feeling like summer never ended and that the kitchen is not a place you escape from, but the place you escape to. KAI ORA, a refreshing vision of haute cuisine, Maori style.

Join Maori Television for the new series of KAI ORA with Anne Thorp – an irresistible combination of exquisite healthy food, music and laughter – premiering Sunday December 2 at 7.00 PM.




2 responses

11 02 2008
Charlotte Anderson

Your cooking is wonderful I love your show very decandent indeed but hey it is wonderful (show on yesterday 17.02.08) was the best cos you had everything I love

13 02 2008
Maria Sakaria

This Show is great, you dont fuss about, and thats what i like, and the results. Perfect!
Can’t Wait for the next show.

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