Hamish McKay set for a hardtime on Pulp Sport

16 10 2007

Hamish McKay billboard
Hamish McKay Billboard outside TV3

With the All Blacks premature ejection from the Rugby World Cup, after encountering some stiff competition from the French, TV3 commentator Hamish McKay(-ver) has been finding it hard to get up for the remaining games. Pulp Sport hosts Bill and Ben saw this as the ideal opportunity to erect a large billboard outside the TV3 offices in Auckland, and pen a press release about it loaded with smutty innuendo.

Yes on Thursday, October 25th at 9:30pm on TV3, Hamish unwittingly stands up to tackle the hard issue of Men’s Erectile Dysfunction, thanks to the cocky initiative of the Pulp Sport team.

Over the past three series of Pulp Sport, hosts Bill and Ben have played numerous juvenile pranks on sportscaster Hamish McKay in a segment they call “McKay-ver.”

“A lot of people think we’ve given Hamish a hard time but it would appear it’s quite the opposite,” chortled Bill and Ben (and yes, in unison).

Tune in to Pulp Sport on Thursday, October 25th at 9:30pm on TV3 as Hamish McKay unknowingly lends his image to help New Zealand males not only crack a semi, but hold their heads high and go all the way.




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