TVNZ uncover voting irregularities in on-screen competition

26 09 2007

TVNZ has uncovered voting irregularities in the on-screen wedding competition currently running on its Good Morning programme. As a result it has made the decision to invalidate the vote and to start again with a fresh voting system using texting rather than emails.

Examination of the email votes showed evidence of external attempts to manipulate the results using unauthorised and false email addresses, and while it is unclear whether an offence has been committed the details have been referred to the police.

A new text voting system is being set up and will be ready to go from 9am today.

Voting will run from 9am tomorrow to 5pm on Thursday, with the winners announced on Friday’s show.

TVNZ apologises to all who voted in good faith, but says the new vote is an absolutely necessary step to ensure a fair outcome of the competition, and to protect the integrity of the voting process.

Head of Television, Jeff Latch, says it’s an issue of public trust in TVNZ’s programme competitions.

“We are not prepared to go ahead with any competition vote which may cast doubt on the result or endanger our reputation for trustworthiness,” he says. “In fact, it is reassuring that our systems picked up the irregularities. Our viewers can have confidence that the result will be fair.”




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