Sensing Murder new series underway

19 09 2007

Sensing Murder
Sensing Murder Series 2 has returned to TV2 on Tuesdays at 8:30pm.

The Sensing Murder Psychics – New Zealanders Kelvin Cruickshank, Sue Nicolson and Australians Deb Webber and Scott Russell Hill are investigating 9 unsolved New Zealand murders.

If you have information regarding any of the cases that have featured on Sensing Murder, click here to go to the Sensing Murder website. Alternatively you can text 0273 588 050.

Sensing Murder Series 1 which played in 2006 had an strong public response. Both series were produced by Ninox Television.




10 responses

28 09 2007
Falafulu Fisi

The following Essay is an interesting read about the potential cheating by the TV producers and crew members of the Sensing Murder show.

“Sensing Murder – Insight : A Skeptic Defects to the Dark Side”

I have also explained in my comment at the New Zealand Reality TV web site, of why psychic claims can’t be true, because they violate the laws of physics. Laws of physics can’t be violated at all.

1 10 2007

Have you done a “sensing Murder” programme pn the Ben Smart and Olivia Hope cases?

14 11 2007
Lisa Johnson

Many people agree that the ben smart and olivia hope case should be done on sensing murder!!!pleeeeeease!!

20 11 2007

please do ben and olivia and also kirsty bently

23 03 2008

Have strong feeling that this should be solved now,,the sensing murder physics,
should wrap this case up,, my heart goes to the Dad of Olivia hope and family both ben 2,, of whom i have meet,, thinking of you..

29 03 2008

Is there any chance you will be doing the Claire Hills murder on sensing murder. I am good friends of her sister and they would love some closure on this.

29 07 2008

I heard that the sensing murder team were in the Marlborough Sounds a while back……. I also heard that the reading was “controversial” and may not be aired!

3 08 2008

whats with the repeats????????? I have been looking forward to the most recent series for months now and TV NZ plays 3 episodes and now REPEATS!!!!!! What the #@#** is going on????

7 09 2008
Dave Owen

I wouldn’t get too hopeful about solving the Ben Smart and Olivia Hope case, given that no episode of Sensing Murder has ever solved a single case – either here in New Zealand or any other country. In fact I spent an entire week trying to find examples of psychic detectives solving criminal cases. The result: Not a single verifiable case. Ever.

13 10 2008
Ann Mac

The wrong man was convicted. The Ketch did exist. It came in late in the evening, anchored on the perimeter of the Inlet, two blokes on board, they were hauling drugs. One got off and mingled, the other stayed aboard for obvious reasons. This was the Ketch Ben and Olivia got on with the scruffy bloke. They were never seen again. The Ketch left just before first light. It was seen by numerous reliable people. It headed up to Auckland where a fellow boatie saw them and spoke to them. A Ketch (matching description) was sunk at sea by the Malaysian police (according to a TV program) and two drug runners were arrested and now languish in jail in Malaysia.

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