DOCNZ 2007 Documentary Film Festival accepting registrations

19 09 2007

The DOCNZ SUMMIT 2007 is an industry event held over three days (24 Sept – 26 Sept 2007) in Auckland, New Zealand.

The 2007 Summit’s theme is Currency and Convergence and will bring together local and overseas documentary film-makers, academics, industry guilds, broadcasters, buyers, exhibitors and distributors to discuss the latest trends and issues facing documentary film-makers.

What are the current issues facing documentary film-makers? How are different formats and platforms converging? What lies in the future?

24 September 2007

Facing Realities:
What are the current and future issues and challenges facing documentary film-makers and broadcasters? With the fast-changing delivery and screening formats and options, documentary film-making in the traditional sense is quickly disappearing. How do we ensure that we are future proof?

Julia Overton, Documentary Investment Manager Film Finance Corporation Australia
Glenn Usmar, Television Manager, NZ On Air
Screen Production and Development Association (SPADA)

It’s A Great Idea But…:
Have you got a great idea for a documentary? How do you make sure it gets noticed? Why would it be passed over by a Commissioner/Funder? What do Commissioners/Funders look for?

Cynthia Kane, Programme Manager, ITVS
Trevor Graham, Commissioning Editor Documentary, SBS Independent
Sharon Roobol, Producer, Al Jazeera International
Larry Parr, General Manager Programming, Maori Television (TBC)
Cass Avery, Producer of Documentaries, Greenstone Productions

A Brave New World:
Film-makers are constantly challenged by the lack of funding. It becomes important that film-makers explore other avenues of funding including international co-productions, pre-sales and philanthropy.

Clare O’Leary, Strategic Analyst, NZ On Air
Lois Vossen, Vice-President, ITVS
Carole Lee Dean, President and CEO, From The Heart Foundation
Phillip Nelson, Managing Director LIC International
Glenn Elliot, Butobase Productions

A Whole New World:
Film-makers are beginning to explore the new formats like animation (documation), internet and web delivery (internet TV, YouTube, My Space, Facebook), podcasts, 3G technology (My Story) and virtual worlds (Second Life) – what opportunities are there for documentary film-makers?

Trevor Graham, Commissioning Editor PODLOVE series, SBS Independent – Australia
Amanda Duthie, Executive Producer, Arts, Entertainment & Comedy, ABC – Australia
Deborah Lawler-Dormer, Director, Media and Interdisciplinary Arts Centre (MIC)
Phill Simmonds, Simmonds Brothers, SPADA 2006 New Film-maker of the Year

25 September 2007

Close Encounters of the Single Shot Kind:

Single Shot Cinema is built on the theories of the film critic André Bazin and how to think in camera movements instead of fixed frames. As the name indicates, it is about capturing a moment in one shot. It involves working close to the characters with a camera in constant motion. Putting intimacy as the main aim, Single Shot films are often shot on video. Leonard Retel Helmrich has even designed a special camera mount for a PD150 or similar small digital camera, which allows for another dimension of movement in the Single Shot. Mobility also becomes a key issue in the editing of Single Shot films, as cuts are centred on movements. This gives great organic and natural flow to a film. Helmrich’s films have been praised by commentators as visually stunning poetic pieces despite their naturalistic subject matter. He bases his success on a self-invented method of filmmaking, called Single Shot Cinema.

Sound Talking:

The use of music can enhance a documentary. Documentary film-makers should plan the sound design of the film. What creative sound techniques can be used? What are the audio formats and delivery requirements for broadcast, DVD and Cinema? How do you structure your workflow? What are some of the methods to manage a project and maximize your time in the studio? What can you do in the off line edit to make your sound mix faster/easier. How about file transfers between editing and sound? What are the common hiccups?

Bruno Barrett-Garnier, Senior Sound Engineer and Designer Digisound, Composer
Joel Haines, Composer

27 September 2007

Pitching Forum:
Selected film-makers will pitch their documentary projects to a panel of international and local commissioners, funders, sales agents and distributors including ITVS, TVNZ, MTS, Al Jazeera International, ABC, MTS, SBS, Arkles Films, Madman Films, Smiley Films, From The Heart Foundation.
Limited seats

The Audience You Deserve:
So you have completed your film? So how do you get it out there? How did you ensure your film gets noticed? What do festivals look for? How about exhibition, sales and acquisitions? What about the long tail?

Joost Den Hartog, Conference Director, Australian International Documentary Conference
Richard Driver, Owner/Programmer – Documentary Channel, New Zealand
Amanda Duthie, Executive Producer, Arts, Entertainment & Comedy, ABC – Australia
Sky Sitney, Director of Programming, Silverdocs International Documentary Film Festival
Fiona Lawson Baker, Documentary Assessor, SBS Independent Australia
Marcel Rawady, DVD Project Manager, Madman Films
John Davies, Arkles Film Distribution
Ewa Bigio, Managing Director Smiley Film Distribution and World Sales
Dan Shanan, DOCNZ Co-founder and Director

Registrations can be made by completing the registration form which is also downloadable from




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