Online portal to showcase New Zealand’s screen industry

29 08 2007

New Zealand’s film, television and music video heritage will be accessible to the world with the launch of a new portal designed to showcase this country’s rich audiovisual heritage.

NZ On Air is working to develop an online portal that will exhibit New Zealand’s local content all in one place. It will include television programmes, short films, music videos and new media, as well as profiling directors, producers and key cast and crew for any titles on the site.

NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson, who made the announcement at the New Broadcasting Futures: Out of the Box conference being held in Wellington this week, said this is an exciting development for the New Zealand screen and entertainment industry as well as for NZ On Air.

“This comprehensive catalogue of New Zealand culture will ensure that all Kiwis, regardless of where they live, can easily explore their heritage. It will also provide a platform for us to showcase our rich cultural history to the rest of the world.”

The project is NZ On Air’s first major digital initiative and fulfils an increasing public demand for watching content online and through multiple channels.

Ms Wrightson said the portal was an innovative way of displaying New Zealand’s archival works and allows New Zealanders to enjoy content made by New Zealanders for New Zealanders.

All clips will be free-to-view, and streamed rather than downloadable, ensuring the material on the site will not be copied or pirated, an increasing issue in the creative industry. Permission of the copyright holders will be sought before any material is uploaded to the portal.

NZ On Air is collaborating with industry representatives, producers and copyright holders as well as archiving and cultural organisations and academia about the project. They are also working closely with curators from Australia’s, a similar resource providing worldwide online access to information about the Australian film and television industry.




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