Welcome to Paradise set for Prime TV launch

21 08 2007

Welcome to Paradise is Gibson Group’s new sitcom about six 20-somethings who work at ‘Paradise Backpackers’, catering to the low, low budget end of the tourist trade.

The series centres around Zac – the charming backpacker receptionist – and his most recent romantic conquest, Irish tourist Lucy. To Zac’s horror Lucy gets a job at the backpackers bar. What do you do when a one-night stand becomes a workmate? Alongside the “will they get together?” storyline of Zac and Lucy, the workmates have to deal with each other and a bizarre array of international guests within the global village that is Paradise Backpackers. From hobbit hole tours to bungy jumps, sheep shearing ‘encounters’ to mud pool hopping, no NZ tourism icon is left untouched in Welcome to Paradise. Paradise! … Yeah right.

Directed by Geoff Murphy (Goodbye Pork Pie, UTU, The Quiet Earth)
WELCOME TO PARADISE starts Monday 17th September, 9:30pm, exclusively on PRIME




2 responses

12 05 2008

I loved this programme I can’t believe it has been canned!!!! What’s up with that?!!! This was one of the funniest shows I’d seen in ages!! cant believe all the negative reviews it got. The characters were hilarious I seriously thought it was laughing out loud, piss your pants, laugh until you cry funny!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 06 2008

I just found a clip on you tube and want more!! If they dont like it back home try the UK!!

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