TVNZ 6 set to begin broadcasting in September 2007

19 07 2007

TVNZ 6, the first of TVNZ’s two new digital channels for the Freeview platform will feature advertising-free programming with between 50% and 75% local content.

TVNZ 6 programming will be divided into three distinct services targeting preschoolers (50% local content), families (70% local content) and adult viewers (75% local content). None of the services will carry advertising.

TVNZ 6 will begin broadcasting on 30 September 2007.

Eric Kearley, TVNZ General Manager of Digital Services, said the non-commercial environment would allow TVNZ 6 to offer a different viewing experience to TV ONE and TV2.

“The goal of TVNZ 6 is to provide three distinctive viewing experiences that complement TV ONE and TV2. We’ll be able to play programmes in primetime that are not possible on ratings-driven free-to-view channels such as TV ONE and TV2,” he said.

The three TVNZ 6 services will be separately branded and have differing local content targets, which are outlined below:

TVNZ Kidzone
Programmes for preschoolers from 6:00am until 4:00pm.

Content targets
Local content 50%
International content 50%

Newly commissioned 15%
Acquired 85%
Shared with TV2 8%
Local Archive 27%
International 50%

TVNZ Family
Programmes that families can watch together from 4:00pm until 8:30pm.

Content targets
Local 70%
International 30%

Commissioned 27%
Acquired 73%
Shared with TV ONE, TV2 10%
Local Archive 37%
International 26%

TVNZ Showcase
Challenging programming for adults from 8:30pm until midnight

Content targets
Local 75%
International 25%

Commissioned 22%
Acquired 78%
Shared with TV ONE, TV2 6%
Local archive 39%
International 33%




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