What’s Really In Our Food? documentary on TV3

15 06 2007

New Zealanders eat a cocktail of food additives every day but don’t realise that many of these additives are banned overseas, and we could be putting ourselves and our families at risk. Inside New Zealand investigates What’s Really In Our Food? screening Thursday, June 28th at 8:30pm

Take a look at the ingredient list of your favourite snack food, and try to pronounce some of those multi-syllabic words. Do you know what soy lecithin, monosodium glutamate and sodium benzoate are?

With such massive chemical adulteration of the food we eat today, we are left asking: how safe is this chemical soup we call our ‘groceries’?

More than 4,000 additives are added to the food we eat in New Zealand compared with the 3,000 added to foods sold throughout North America.

Even the standard kiwi breakfast is chemical rich; our cereals, breads and drinks are full of artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives and flavours, all of which independent experts say are behind an explosion of modern illnesses.

But what is even more worrying is that many of these additives are banned overseas. Like the food colouring amaranth. It has been linked to asthma, skin rashes and hyperactivity and is banned in many foreign countries.

Inside New Zealand dissects a typical Kiwi family’s diet, focusing on the amount of additives they consume and the health risks, while also demonstrating the psychology behind the use of additives and why food manufacturers use them.

Case studies reveal food additives that are responsible for debilitating illnesses or long term suffering, and in each case, they have reduced or eliminated the additives from their diet and experienced a remarkable improvement in their health.

Tune in to the eye opening documentary Inside New Zealand: What’s Really In Our Food?, screening TV3 Thursday, June 28th at 8:30pm




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29 06 2007


13 09 2007

What was the name of the book used in the programme that has the list of additives please?

13 09 2007
Sharlene de Seymour

Is there anyway of obtaining the copies of the lists of additives etc that were shown on the show to be harmful?

13 09 2007

please let me know what was the name of the book used in programme?(the red one)

14 09 2007
Tina Frater

Can I please know the name of the red book used in the programme and where can I get one. Also can we get a list of the addictives that were shown on the show?

14 09 2007
marie anstiss

great show please show programme again-id like to watch it earlier with my daughter and partner

14 09 2007
marie anstiss

also would like the name of the book used

14 09 2007
Sol Atkinson

I didn’t see the programme but have been told that the book was called ” The Chemical Maze” by Bill Statham You can get it from here.


Some copies are newer editions so the cover is yellow not red but its the same book

Unfortunately http://www.goodbooksnz.co.nz does not have it…

If any one knows where i can watch the programme online i would really like to know.

14 09 2007
Graham Dawson

I missed the program, but have had very posative feedback about it. Any way of getting a copy.

14 09 2007
alissa smith

there is a list of food addditives on the green party website. just click on the “safe food” campaign and then click “food aditives, your questions answered”. Hope this helps

14 09 2007

The Chemical Maze by Bill Stratham his the book referenced in the doco. (see TV3 website)

14 09 2007
leonie mitchell

good morning.
I am very interested in a copy of the programme: What’s in our food. Please!!!. many thanks.

14 09 2007
Gwen Allen

This is a great website that I have found very helpful concerning food additives and safe foods. Sue Dengate is pushing hard to get food additives out of foods. This is Australian based but relevant to us as well in NZ
The website: http://www.cs.nsw.govt.au/rpa/allergy – from the Royal Prince Albert Hospital is also very good

14 09 2007
Gwen Allen

http://fedupwithfoodadditives.info/ is Sue Dengates website

15 09 2007
Aaron Livingston

I watched this program it was great and very informative. I would love a copy of the program, can I download it, has anybody got a copy or know how to get hold of it. Thanks

16 09 2007

Can you please terll me the name of the book with the additives in

17 09 2007

This would be a brilliant resource for Food & Nutrition education. Is there anyway of getting a copy of the programme and details of book regarding additives.

18 09 2007
Bradley Walker

The book referenced during the show was ‘The Chemical Maze – Your guide to food additives and cosmetic ingredients’ by author Bill Stratham.

The copy of the book used for the show was sourced from Naturally Organic – http://www.naturallyorganic.co.nz – or (09) 914 2026

Alternatively you could contact Pathfinder Bookshop – http://www.pathfinder.co.nz – or (09) 379 0147 or 0800 55 44 55.

For a list of the potentially harmful additives, visit the tv3.co.nz website

19 09 2007
RObyn Hand

Hi! How can I get a copy of this programme please? Are you going to repeat it at any stage? Thanks.

29 09 2007
3 10 2007
Kate Brock

Can anyone tell me the food additive which appeared to cause the IBS?

23 07 2008

I unfortunately had to miss it the other night – is it going to be repeated or can I watch it elsewhere????

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