Downsize My Pet – What next?

15 06 2007

Downsize my pet
What is this obsession with diet and food programmes on NZ TV?

From the producers of Downsize Me, this eye-opening special puts a 45 kilo Dalmation through a six week health and fitness overhaul in Downsize My Pet, screening Tuesday, June 26th at 7:30pm.

New Zealand is a nation of animal lovers, but could we be killing our pets by loving them a little too much?

It’s estimated that almost half of our furry friends are overweight or even more worryingly, some are morbidly obese and that rate is rocketing every year.

Just like the human obesity epidemic, a growing number of household pets are suffering from joint problems, heart and respiratory disease, diabetes, liver disease and gastric disorders all related to poor diet or lifestyle which is seriously affecting their wellbeing and shortening their life span.

Unlike humans however, they don’t make their own choices whether to dine on lean cuisine or fill out on a fat-filled burger and fries.

Enter Downsize My Pet’s expert duo of vet, Sasha Nowell, and trainer, Alexis Banas, who put this podgy pooch through his paces on a six week health overhaul and educate his owners on how to care for and keep happy their four legged best friend.

Jack the Dalmation is twice the size he should be, having been stuffed full of takeaway tidbits, fatty dog rolls, dog biscuits by the boxful, and not to mention the chocolates and lollies given with love.

He can barely lift himself off the ground in fear of snapping his knee joints or breaking his back, and he’s a prime candidate for heart disease.

Carrying so much excess weight, trainer Alexis prescribes Jack a strict fitness regime. Will the family manage to stay on track, and will Jack cope after sitting on the couch for so long?

Don’t miss this action packed episode as our first ever dog does the Downsize, in 3’s special Downsize My Pet, screening Tuesday, June 26th at 7:30pm




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