Filming in Waitakere Ranges may be restricted

14 06 2007

The Auckland Regional Council is proposing a change to the Regional Parks Management Plan which, if implemented, will significantly restrict the ability to undertake filming in the Waitakere Ranges.

The changes include an annual limit to activities (including filming) involving more than 50 participants at the following locations:

• Piha (North Piha) = 5

• Piha (Glen Esk) = 5

• Karekare = 5

• Pararaha Valley = 3

• Whatipu = 3

• Anawhata = 3

This will mean that, if the total allocation of events (including all informal events of more than 50 people and not just filming) has already reached, your application for filming will not be considered in the current year.

These limits are included in proposed changes to the way the Waitakere Regional Park is managed.

The ARC is also reserving the right to impose similar limits on other areas in the Park and has indicated that the proposed management regime may be extended to all Regional Parks in the near future. The ARC is currently calling for public submissions on management proposals.

The changes will affect you. To ensure that your concerns are heard you need to be involved in the process, and to do this you need to make submission.

On behalf of Film Auckland, Boffa Miskell Ltd, Consultant Planners, will be preparing a submission to the ARC. We want to hear your concerns so that the submission adequately reflects the film industry. You are also encouraged to make your own submission.

You are invited to attend a briefing session at Boffa Miskell in order to learn more about the management proposals, and to share your concerns at its potential impact.

The briefing will be on Wednesday 13th June, 6pm at Boffa Miskell, Level 3, 82 Wyndham Street the IBM building on the corner of Wyndham and Nelson Street.

Please RSVP to Roi Macgregor ( and please make every effort to attend. You need to voice your concerns now.

Further information about the changes to the management plan is available on the ARC website:




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