New Zealand Version of Deal or no Deal set to launch

28 05 2007

Jeremy Corbett Deal or no Deal
DEAL OR NO DEAL – The international sensation comes to New Zealand.

Join Jeremy Corbett and 26 beautiful models for the premiere of the local version of the international hit game show Deal Or No Deal on Wednesday, June 6th at 7:30pm on 3.

Deal Or No Deal pits ordinary New Zealanders against an insidious banker intent on thwarting their chances of walking away with $200,000.

The rules are simple. There are 26 briefcases containing amounts ranging from 10c to $200,000. Contestants choose one briefcase as their own, then start opening the other cases, held by 26 beautiful New Zealand models in stunning gold Turet Knuefermann designer dresses. The contestants hope to reveal small cash amounts, as it increases their chances of the $200,000 being in their case.

As each round progresses, the banker tries to tempt the contestants to sell him their case by offering an instant cash amount. The contestant must either stick with the original briefcase choice (‘No Deal’), or make a ‘Deal’ with the banker to accept his cash offer in exchange for whatever dollar amount turns out to be in their chosen case.

In a one hour scramble to secure the best deal they can, contestants must rely on their nerve and luck as their fortune is played out in front of the nation. They take huge risks, they employ strategy, they beg, they soar, they stumble, they trust in their luck, and they make decisions they will remember for the rest of their lives, but their ultimate fate all comes down to one question: Deal Or No Deal?

For host Jeremy Corbett, winning the role as host on the show was a dream come true.

“I’m rapt! I can’t believe I got this role. I thought Darryl [McEwan, Executive Producer] was joking when he offered it to me. Too late now Darryl.”

On the show, Jeremy is lucky enough to work with 26 beautiful women every show. However, he says it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

“Working with 26 beautiful women? I’m learning a lot about hair.”

Will any of our lucky contestants win the $200,000? Find out when Deal Or No Deal premieres on Wednesday, June 6th at 7:30pm on 3.

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13 responses

22 09 2007
brent stringer

Hi love the show, think its one of the best on tv at present. How do contestants get picked

5 10 2007
Orland Uhden

What a great show!!! lol

Im interested in becoming a contestant on Deal or No Deal. How would someone like myself sign up?

5 10 2007
Mr.Northshore 2005


Charlene and Rugen Its nice to see you two on Deal or No Deal…

good luck with the modeling Miss Northshore and miss the LBC!

Senior Mr. Northshore


10 10 2007
mrs Angla shipp

i watch the show all the time id love to be on the show more than enything

10 10 2007
fiza saiyad ali

hi nyc show.keep it up…i wud lyk 2know hw to enter in to b one of the contestants…

11 10 2007

Hi guys our show just aired last night and it was a whole lotta fun. Thanks to all the shows producers look forward to another challenge
Much Love The Sparrey Whanau Gizzie

10 11 2007

How old does one have to be to become a contestant? What is the process to become a contestant?

6 12 2007
christine awheto

hi i love watching your show and would like the chance to be a contestant, i never miss the show i also watch the austrialian show, i am a deal or no deal freak i hope you consider me to have a chance of cracking the bank thank you very much i’d love to hear from you

23 12 2007
tukapua hipango

wonderful show! good luck and blessings to all who have the good fortune to be chosen to be on. may good fortune be yours always!!!

22 01 2008

Love the show and love to be also a contestant ( to have a chanche to win 50cents or more :O)

18 04 2008

I watch the show all the time and would love to know i can become a contestant on deal or no deal.

1 05 2008
christina hakaraia

when will the next show start. Filled out a application form but have had no feed back

1 05 2008
christina hakaraia

dated 1/5/08

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