Part 4 of Sex Wars – Have we gone too far?

26 04 2007

The final episode of Inside New Zealand: Sex Wars investigates whether we’re feminising, demonising and undervaluing New Zealand men. It airs Thursday, May 10th 2007 at 8:30pm.

In the past, men held the political, social and economic power in New Zealand. Women on the other hand were under-represented, undermined and undervalued.

But over the last 40 years the balance of power has changed – and some people say this has come at men’s expense.

In New Zealand it’s easy to think women have taken over. But are high-profile women like Helen Clark and Teresa Gattung the exception rather than the rule? We look at perception versus reality when it comes to gender equity.

The reason women haven’t taken complete control is because of children. Having babies and raising kids is one of the biggest factors affecting gender equity in New Zealand. Juggling work and kids will always be a struggle for New Zealand women.

Inside New Zealand also asks if boys are being let down by our education system and if the lack of male teachers is really such a big a problem. What messages are we giving young boys in New Zealand?

Plus we also look at a new breed of man – the stay-at-home-dad, or househusband. Should men really be cleaning the toilet and looking after the kids? And in the most revealing experiment of the series, we ask if men can really be trusted with children.

So in these changing times are Kiwi blokes beginning to fight back? We go in search of the retrosexual – he’s not a metro-sexual or a househusband – he’s a real man.

This final episode of Inside New Zealand: Sex Wars is an enlightening and entertaining look at some serious issues facing Kiwi men and women in today’s society, screening Thursday, May 10th at 8:30pm.

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